January 21, 2018

The Kosher Workaholic


I’d like to introduce you to my alter-ego, The Kosher Workaholic, a brand I created to form an online business development and coaching community.  As some of you know, when I’m not writing for The Kosher Shopaholic I work as what I like to call a Business Development Therapist, otherwise known as a Business Coach, helping business owners define their strategy and marketing plan, organize & streamline their business processes, advise, guide and help make businesses more successful.

Everyone should use a coach to help them successfully develop themselves and their business – professional athletes use them to help them achieve their success just as much as business owners and executives such as Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt do.  You may be familiar with some of my clients since I promote them on The Kosher Shopaholic, many of them I met through my website.   ShopYourCloset, LevanaCooks, Gourmania, Not2Shabbey, KosherCredits, M&MDesigns, DeliciousWithout, MavenMall are a few.

Under The Kosher Workaholic brand, I will be writing a series of posts that should be of interest to the entrepreneur, small business owner, work-at-home mom/dad and blogger.  Could that be you?  If so, then make sure to subscribe here so you don’t miss anything!

In this new series, I hope to cover a wide range of topics such as the basics of marketing, strategy, vision, leadership, technology, website development, forming a business entity and much more.  I will also introduce a section called, The Coach’s Couch, a forum where you can email me your business questions and I’ll answer them.  So, if you’ve got any burning business related questions, go ahead and email them to me here.

Before taking advice from anyone, it is always a good idea to view their qualifications, educational background, professional training and work experience.  So I encourage you to learn more About me here and on LinkedIn.

I am excited to bring this new series to you.   When I created The Kosher Shopaholic my goal was to provide reviews on products of interest to our exclusive niche, the observant Jew or Jewess.  With The Kosher Workaholic, I hope to again meet the needs of the Jewish market by offering business coaching and direction with the sensitivities and needs of the Orthodox business person in mind.