January 21, 2018

Chanukah Jewish Music Videos: Free

Chanukah Jewish Music Videos: Free

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the really fun Jewish music videos out on YouTube right now for Chanukah.  There’s also a free song download available in MP3 format at the bottom of this post.  Enjoy & Happy Chanukah!

Click on any of these links to play the video.

The Maccabeats Miracle

Yeshiva Boys Choir, Those Were The Nights Of Chanukah

Miracle by Matisyahu

Chanukah Jewish Rock of Ages by Aish

I Light It  by NSCY

Candlelight by the Maccabeets – the song that made them famous!

FREE DOWNLOAD of Rebbetzin Tap’s Channukah song, “The Biggest Light!”
Go to MostlyMusic and put song #15, The Biggest Light, in your basket and it will be given to you for FREE!   A great song for all ladies and kids!

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You can find a review of popular Jewish Children’s Music here.