February 19, 2018

Undercover Waterwear – The Bathingsuit That Suits Your Lifestyle

(Scroll to the bottom for your 10% off coupon code) Now that summer is upon us, how are we all feeling about our bathingsuit bodies?  Well, I just got back from a mini-vacation where we took our kids to Great Wolf Lodge, a waterpark geared towards young children (you can read more about Great Wolf Lodge here).  Two days of sopping wet fun.  I am so incredibly grateful to Undercover Waterwear for sending me a Ladies Swim Skirt (with leggings) to review for them in advance.  I wore it the entire vacation and I was comfortable and appropriately dressed both for the pool and for my modest lifestyle the whole time.  Undercover waterwear’s swim wear (skirts, tops, dresses) are made in bathing-suit material that dries really fast when you’re out of the water and is so comfortable to wear and allows you to move, run, swim with ease and flexibility.  I wear this skirt to go walking outdoors or to the gym, to the beach and pool.  As a mother who is constantly running, and getting wet at kiddie pools all summer long, I’m getting great use of this skirt.  In fact, I even own a second one and recommend it to all my friends.

Here’s a little secret about these swimskirts and tops; even if you don’t keep covered for religious reasons, after a few kids, you may not want the entire world to see all your new bodily flaws when you go swimming.  Putting on one of these makes you look and feel appropriately dressed for swim or exercise while keeping what you want hidden, just so, hidden.

I really like their newest cool waterwear skirts as well.  Aren’t these styles fun!

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