January 20, 2018

Hello Kitty Girls Bathingsuits Only $15

Hello Kitty Girls Bathingsuits Only $15

My little 4 year old daughter is going through a huge Hello Kitty faze right now – especially requesting Hello Kitty bathingsuits.  So I was really excited to find this awesome deal – Girls Hello Kitty Swim Suits for only $15 on Totsy!  Plus, if you use coupon code VIPMOM at checkout you’ll get $15 off your order of $60 or more! That total can include anything across the Totsy site.

Visit Totsy now & grab some of these Hello Kitty brand bathingsuits, flip-flops, sundresses for a steal!

3/4 sleeve t-shirts for only $15.50


I really wasn’t going to post any clothing deals until after Tisha B’av*; however, I came aross these amazing modest 3/4 sleeve shirts from Totsy for only $15.50

Check out that neckline!  It is so hard to find light-weight, pretty, 3/4 sleeve t-shirts for the summer – that don’t require a shell underneath- and are also priced so low.  And its been so hot this summer.  And the deal ends in 2 days.  And I’m a shop-a-holic…      

So, if you need these t-shirts, get them while they are on sale now !  To get to these shirts once on the totsy site, click on Take Two Clothing. 

*Many Orthodox Jews refrain from buying and wearing new clothes until after the three weeks of mourning the destruction of the Jewish Temple is completed.  The period of mourning takes place from the 17th of Tammuz  till the 10th of Av, the day after Tisha B’av, on the Hebrew calander.  However, there is a caveat that if its a sale item and you might lose money if you don’t buy it, you are permitted to buy it.  Please check with your LOR (Local Orthodox Rabbi) if you think you fit into this category.

Some last minute Shopping Deals before Shavuot

If you are a bit of a shop-a-holic in need of a last minute fix before Shavuot- without hurting  your budget – here are some great sites you can visit.  They offer really great buys and you can make money in the process.  These are sites where by referring a friend through twitter, facebook or email you get $10 credit for shopping with them.  

Beyond The Rack offers 90% savings on designer couture clothing.  Take a look at these beautiful cc Couture dress jackets for $29.99 (regularly priced $170.00).    

Today, June 5th, if you sign up for  Beyond The Rack you can be entered into their “Shopaholic Showdown” sweepstakes and win a free $500 Shopping Spree!

Thanks to TheCouponess for this great find!

BitsyBug is offering a great deal today: Pay $30 for a $50 credit at BundleNYC.com.  Click here for this deal

BitsyBug, Totsy and Zulily are other great shopping sites where you can make money by referring your friends who buy there.  Look at this adorable Marili Jean Hat from Totsy today for just $12.00 (regularly priced $24.00).

Only $12

Of course, don’t forget that your Kosher Advantage membership provides you with 15% off on your last minute grocery shopping bill.  Kosher Advantage has participating Kosher grocery stores in all major North American cities.  Click here for your free 3 month trial membership and enter the code: “KosherShopaholic” – it makes a lot of cent sense to sign up now, so you can save 15% on your last minute shopping trip to the grocery store!