December 16, 2017

Free Kosher Roasting Chicken from ShopRite for Thanksgiving 2011

Free Kosher Roasting Chicken from ShopRite

Its that time of year again!  In honor of Thanksgiving 2011, ShopRite is giving away a free 4lb Kosher Frozen Empire Chicken to all of its members.

To get your free Kosher chicken, present your Price Plus® club card to cashier each time you shop from October 16 thru November 24, 2011.  Spend the required amount to get a Free 4lb Empire frozen Kosher Chicken or Tofurky.  Pretty attainable for most of us feeding a large family.

Once you spend $300, pick up your FREE item of choice until Thursday,  November 24, 2011.

You can also get $2.00 free when you sign your ShopRite Price Plus Card Up online hereSigning up is a great way to get coupons that can be used at ShopRite sent directly to your smart phone or your Price Plus club card.

Here are some other great ways to use your smart phone to get coupons eliminating the need to print or be very organized!

Savvy Kosher Savings: Weekly Update

Toilet paper

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I have still been following my 7 Steps to Kosher Savings strategy and I’ve been experiencing between 35 to +50% savings each week on my household items and groceries.  

That is definately enough savings for me to keep going.  I now have it down to a quick and neat science so it hardly takes me more than half an hour a week of extra work. 

I am able to quickly scan the sales online from the major stores.  If I need something for the house that they have on sale and/or I have a coupon for – I try to take a trip there during the week.  I buy enough for around 3 months at a time because the sales cycles are around 3 months, meaning that they will run the same promotion again in 3 months time.

For example, this week I was out of hand soap and toilet paper and  Rite Aid is running a promotion this week:  5 softsoap liquid handsoaps for $5 and then get $1.00 plus up rewards.   That comes out to $.80 cents each.   They also have Cottonelle bathroom tissue 12 pack for $6.99 with $1.00 up reward per pack.  So I bought 5 soaps and 2 packs of Cottonelle and recieved $3.00 in plus up points.  I then bought 5 more softsoaps and used my points so I paid $2.00 for the next 5 softsoaps with another $1 in plus up rewards coming out to $1 for 5 soaps or $.020cents a soap!  Pretty good. For a detailed list of the weekly promotions see the Krazy Coupon Lady

I also notice that Rite Aid seems to have the best deal in my town on milk: $2.69 per gallon. Although I haven’t sampled their milk yet.   Does anyone know of a store that can beat that or the quality of their milk?  If you do, let us know in the comments section below. 

Finally, right now at Rite Aid you can pick up Sesame Place coupons: save $20 on a single-day admission.  I picked up a few of those for this summer as well!

Shop for Lag B’Omer and Save

If you are a Shopaholic like myself, I’m sure you’re looking forward to Lag B’Omer as much as I am as an excuse to engage in some much needed retail therapy.  Here are some great food and clothes shopping tips to help you prepare for this Sunday’s Lag B’Omer festivities while also saving, as always, without compromising quality, time or Kosher standards! 

Holy Cow!  AviGlatt is running a great deal for your Sunday barbecue this week: 3 Veal burgers, 3 Beef Burgers, 3 Chicken burgers, 3 Turkey burgers, 8 chicken hotdogs for $29.99.  Regularly priced at $35.99 so that’s $6 savings.  The sale is good this coming Thursday only so make sure to order then.  As I talk about in my 7 Steps for Kosher Savings, you should also be on the look-out at your local Kosher market they will most likely be putting various meats on sale for the holiday.

For some inexpensive enhancements to your Lag B’Omer outfit, treat yourself to a festive bandana for $0.99 cents or a printed scarf for $5 both found at Walmart.   Or these adorable & affordable Jeweled Suede ballerina flats for $14.99 minus an extra 10% off coupon at Bare Feet shoes.   

Only $14.99


Want to save some money on your BBQ ingredients along with time on your BBQ clean up?

Here’s a great video recipe  showing you how to make Cajun Spiced Chicken with grilled corn on the cob on your BBQ with no clean-up!   It uses Kikkoman sauce, Reynolds Wrap, Ziploc bags.   Coupons can be found for all of these in last  Sunday’s newpaper.  Note that the corn sauce recipe needs only one slight alteration to render it Kosher.  Use parve, non-dairy margarine instead of the butter in the sauce for the corn. 

If you don’t have last Sunday’s coupons, no sweat.  I also found for you these great coupons online: Kikkoman, Reynolds Wrap, Land o Lakes, French’s Mustards, coca-cola.

Softdrinks and chips are a must for any good barbecue and if you visit Target before Sunday, you can combine the above coca-cola coupon with the Coca-Cola promtions Target is running: 3, 12 pack 12oz cans of Coca-Cola products for $10 (thats $9 with the coupon) or a free pack of Archer Farms chips when you buy 3, 8 pack 12-oz bottles for $11.  They also have KC BBQ sauce for .20 cents if you combine it with the coupon in this past Sunday’s paper. 

If you are near a ShopRite they are also running a special on coca-cola 12 pack of cans 5 for $13 ($12 with the coupon) or 5, 2 liter Pepsi bottles for $5.  That’s $1 a bottle.  You will also find Lay’s Potato Chips at half price for $1.99,  Heinz Ketchup for $1.88 and Duncan Heinz Brownie Mix for $1.49 at ShopRite.  Combine the brownie mix with a $0.50 off coupon from SS 4/10/11 and its $0.45, since, ShopRite doubles your coupons that are under $1.00!  Thanks to Living Rich with Coupons for these product tips.

If you found this list helpful, tell your friends about me and subscribe on the right hand side of this page for more great Kosher shopping tips!

Happy Lag B’Omer !

Happy Kosher Savings!

The Kosher Shopaholic

Week 4 – over 35% savings

Its Monday again and it seems that I’m finally getting the groove of things.  I managed to get my Sunday newspaper and spent only 10 minutes this morning reading the coupons insert along with the ShopRite, Target, CVS sales inserts.  Based only on what I need for the next week as well as some really great bulk savings, I made up my shopping list.  (Come on, can a Shopaholic really just buy only what she needs for the week?

Here are some of my savings for this week


Duncan Hines Brownie Mix: $1.29 and I have $1 off coupons so I get them for .29 cents each!  I also have a coupon ‘Free Duncan Hines cake mix with purchase of 2 Frostings’ and frosting is on sale ‘3 for $5’ so I will get my discount frosting, my dirt cheap brownie mix and my free cake mix.  Won’t my kids will be happy this shabbos with the easy cake and frosting treat! 

Osem Israeli Couscous 26 oz container $3.99 (this wasn’t in stock when I got there.  When this happens you can go to the customer service counter and get a ‘rain check’ which is a coupon that allows you to buy this product at this price one time in the next 6 months). 

Large eggs $1.77 – need those eggs for the brownies & cakes! 

Manichevetz egg noodles: .99cents (great with Shabbos chicken soup)

Breyers Yo-Crunch 20 for $10.  I can easily go through 20 a week with 3 kids eating at least 1 yogurt a day. 

San Giorgio pasta .89cents each so I’ll buy about 5.  Can never have too much macaroni in my house.  And I have my policy never to spend more than 99cents on a box of pasta, even when its whole grain.  It turns out that when I got to the pasta section of the store they had some some additional specials.  They had Botticelli pasta 5 for $4.00.  B0tticelli that’s 100% Italian high quality pasta.  and it was 80 cents a box.  Needless to say I stocked up. 

Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce 3 for $5.  I had coupons worth $2.60 so I got all 3 for $2.40. 

Today my bill was $91.12 and I saved $51.52.      

week 4 savings


That’s over 35% savings!          

And unlike my first few visits as a novice saver/couponer, it took me under half an hour to figure out this week’s sales/coupons and what to buy.  Once you master the learning curve the time vs. savings is definitely worthwhile.  And I managed to again buy high quality products like Jack Daniel’s and Botticelli.

7 Steps to Kosher Savings

ways to kosher budgeting

7 Steps to Kosher Savings

As exclusively Kosher shoppers living a Jewish Orthodox lifestyle, we often feel that we have no choice but to pay premium prices for our food and clothing.  We need kosher meat and modest clothing (Baruch Hashem) and are willing to pay a premium for it because it represents our values, ideals and life philosophy.  Thanks to popular new strategies like ‘extreme couponing’  though, the game has begun to change.  

Todays market is shifting and, if played properly, the consumer – you and me – even when shopping kosher, can achieve significant savings.  I’ve created what I call my Savvy Kosher Savings Strategy as a way to teach you how to take advantage of such significant savings.   Without compromising kosher standards, quality or your time. 

7 steps to Savvy Kosher Savings:

1. From now on, your goal when you shop is to  always save. Savvy Kosher Savings represents a shift in your mindset to reflect the shift in market trends that couponing strategies have achieved, without being extreme about it, since, most of us simply don’t have the time to be extreme.

2.  Make a list of your favorite 2 or 3 stores. Your list should consist of at least 1 store where  you buy your exclusively kosher products like meat, chicken, cheeses, spices and one mainstream grocery store that is very competitive and offers a lot of promotions and sales.   This list is a personal choice and there are absolutely no right or wrong choices, its based on your particular needs and tastes. 

Learn about the savings, coupons and promotions policies of those stores.  Then, make sure that you take full advantage of these savings, promotions and policies every time you shop in ‘your stores’. 

3.  Never pay full retail price for your top 10-20 products again.  Make a list of 10 – 20 standard competitive products that you always shop for such as: toothpaste, diapers, haircare, soap, pasta, etc.  Then make a policy to never pay full retail price for any of these products again.  Once you get the hang of how to do it, your list of products will keep increasing.  

Its really very simple to fulfill this policy by watching for a) store specials and b) coupons.   Read my Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 posts to see how I’ve begun to do just this. 

4.  Find out about the different membership rewards and rebate programs that your kosher market has to offer.  Almost all Kosher grocery stores offer some sort of rebate/money back or points program today.  There’s one in my neighborhood that I love to go to because every month I get a nice check around $20 – $30 cash to use in their store only.  I get rewarded the more I shop there.  Find out about the programs that are offered in your kosher markets and sign up for them.  Make sure to always shop at the market where you are participating in the membership/rebate program to take advantage of the most savings from them.

Kosher Advantage offers you a membership card where you can save anywhere from 5% to 15% off of your bill at participating stores and restaurants.  They have almost 300 participating stores and restaurants around the country. If you sign up with the code, “Kosher Shopaholic” you get your first 3 months free!  Right now they are running a special and for $4.95 a month you can join and take advantage of the savings.  Take a look at their list of participating stores.  If you regularly frequent some of them, do the math and see if the savings is worth it for you. 

The Gateways Game Changer offers you 5% savings on all purchases with participating kosher grocery stores for $10 per month.  So as long as  you are spending at least $200 a week at your participating Kosher grocery store, its definitely worth your while to sign up.  There are stores in almost every New York community that participate in this program including some online ones as well.   If you decide to sign up for the Gateways Game Changer because of my blog, use “KosherShopaholic” as your referral.  For every 25 referrals you get $500!  How’s that for incentive!

Don’t forget to take advantage of all of the new Groupon type deals out there.  These websites take advantage of group buying power.   They offer special promotions every day where you can save as much as 50% off of products, restaurants and services.  Its free to subscribe and you never know when they’ll have a deal that you want to take advantage of. 

There’s the original Groupon.  If you sign up with my link and purchase a deal by May 25th I get $30 free Groupon dollars.  If you refer your friends you can also get $30 free Groupon dollars for every referral you make who buys by May 25th. 

In the exclusively Kosher realm, there’s Jewpon, KosherKouponz, JdealIts free to sign up – I subscribe to each of these sites and every once in a while I see a deal for a store or restaurant that we frequent and so we get to save, save, save.  I’ve bought discounted toys for my kids and have saved 50% off of a nice meal out a few times by watching these sites regularly. 

5.  The same goes for the regular chain grocery stores, pharmacies and groupon type deals.  They all offer membership rewards packages.  There are many websites available that review the chain grocery stores and explain their different reward/savings programs.  Some of these websites are:; livingrichwithcoupons; Krazycouponlady. Choose the store that’s most convenient for you.   Just make sure you take advantage of all the savings and rebates and rewards they have to offer by learning about their programs and then using them. 

Make sure to only shop the sales items and/or to use as many coupons each time you shop as possible

You will be amazed at how much you save

6.  Put a dollar value on your time.  If you work and can make about $50 per hour working – make sure that you are saving at least $50 for each extra hour you spend couponing, reading sales items and running from store to store to get savings.  If your time is worth $200 per hour, then you should make sure again that you are saving that much money per extra hour you spend chasing savings. 

My strategy suggests that you approach couponing and chasing sales moderately.  But you can choose to be as extreme about it as you want to be.  The more you do the more you’ll save.   

7.  Apply this philosophy to all the shopping you do: clothes shopping, household goods, everything.  I recently came across the most adorable website called, PennyChic,  a fashion student shows you how you can dress chic with Walmart clothing.   Soon to come I have a blog about how I applied this strategy with a ‘modest’ twist.   I had my Savvy Kosher Savings Strategy in mind when I went shopping with a $100 gift card at The Gap and Old Navy and managed to get $300 worth of brand new retail clothing out of it.  Soon to come is my post about this as well.

If you know of a savvy way to save that we can all benefit from, please share it with us in the comments section below. 

 And if you have begun to successful apply my Savvy Kosher Savings Strategy to your shopping, feel free to share your experience and success stories with us here as well. 

Happy Kosher Savings!