December 15, 2017

Budget-Friendly Maxi Dresses & Accessories for Shabbos or Anytime


There’s no better way to combine modest fashion with comfort and savings, than with some Maxi Dresses like the ones shown below. They are great to wear as a robe on Shabbos or for dressy comfort any day of the week.  The Introspect Maxi Dress shown below is only $16 and the Norma Kamali Maxi Dress below is only $11. 

It is so easy and inexpensive to dress them up with some interesting and fun accessories as shown here, big necklace, funky bracelet and a shell and/or cardigan and you are all set – without hurting your budget. 

Thanks to the talented stylist, Shauna Miller from PennyChic, for these great pictures.

$10 children’s Shabbos dresses $29 ladies dresses & more


Amazon has just launched their new fashion Daily Deal site called My Habit.  Have you signed up yet?  If not,  sign up here to take advantage of some great deals!  Use the promotion code SUMMER25 to get $25 off any order.  This promotion code is good until August 1st.  As an additional plus, they offer free shipping and free returns! 

Here’s a beautiful Blush by us Angles Shabbos dress for your little girl from My Habit that normally retails for $89.00 – you can get it for $10.00 when you use your SUMMER25 code for $25 off of the $35 discounted price.   

For ladies, check out this beautiful wrap women’s dress for Shabbos that can double as a comfortable, fashionable robe from Amazon Clothes for only $28.80.  Picture it with a black shell underneath and you’re ready for a comfortable yet fashionable Shabbos.

As a perfect compliment for any summer Shabbos outfit, I’m in love with these Slingback Espadrilles from My Habit in black. 

Going to a Simcha (wedding or Bar-Mitzvah)? Take a look at these stunning Dolce & Gabbana satin dresses in black, pink or cream.  Picture them with a cream colored or black shell underneath. 

Wishing you a good Shabbos and Shabbat Shalom!