December 15, 2017

**Hot** MyHabit $25 off $25 items (=free) code expires Monday


A while back I wrote about Amazon’s new private fashion Deal site My Habit in my post, $10 Children’s Shabbos dresses, $29 ladies dresses and more.   Using the coupon code, “Summer25“,  gives you $25 off your purchase, making your purchase free.  The idea is that you make it a ‘habit’ to check in at exactly 12:00 noon everyday because that’s when they list their $25 products.  While the $25 items sell out fast, there are always beautiful clothes and accessories for women, men, children and babies on My Habit at really great prices. 

Act fast because the “Summer25” $25 off coupon code expires this Monday.  So you still have a few days to get free or close to free beautiful clothes or shoes or accessories. 

They also provide free shipping and returns in the US and $15 International shipping.

Here are some of my favorites from My Habit today – the children’s dresses (which would be great for Shabbos or even a Simcha/party) were free and the shoes were under $15 with the coupon code!