February 21, 2018

Royal Challah Shaped Baking Pans On Sale

By now I’m sure you’ve heard all about the newest craze, the Royal Challah, Challah-shaped silicone baking pans.   Its an awesome product for those who would love to make challah but may be intimidated.  The pan itself is in the shape of a braided challah, so all you have to do is make the dough and plop it into the pan.  Out comes the challah looking like you know what you’re doing with those braids!

These Challah pans are on JDeal right now at $11 off for only $29 (regulalry priced $39).  The Kosher Cook, makers of these challah pans are even throwing a free crumb buster into the deal!

You can use your new Challah-Shaped pans with my best ever Challah Recipe that is incredibly easy to make, requires only your hands, no fancy huge mixers, and is absolutely delicious.  If you’re really daring, try the challah with my awesome Tomato Dip and wow your family and friends this Shabbat! 

Buy this JDeal today, and enhance your Shabbat table by filling it with warm challot, (and emptying it of resulting crumbs).