January 23, 2018

Shop Your Closet & Gain Big {+ special 10% discount code}

Shop Your Closet & Gain Big

Have you ever dreamed of having a ‘personal shopper’?  I know I have.  But for most of us, hiring a personal shopper is more of a fantasy than a reality considering the high cost of raising a family today.  Enter Eve Cantor, Founder of ShopYourCloset.  Eve is a Personal Style Consultant (and ex- Barney’s Personal Shopper) and has brought personal shopping to the masses with her visionary new service, ShopYourCloset.

The idea behind ShopYourCloset is to ultimately help you save money on your wardrobe.  Instead of shopping for that new sweater, new skirt, or new ‘bling’ -find a new way to wear what you already have.  What happens after shopping your closet with Eve, though, is that you not only create a whole new wardrobe from your existing one, you also discover your own personal style and learn how to properly wear clothing for your body type and coloring.  And that’s what should happen when you work with a seasoned stylist and consultant.  Eve has turned her 20 years of personal shopping for the elite into a service that makes sense for the … not so elite.

So here’s what happens when you hire Eve.  She comes to your house, has you try on each item of clothing in your wardrobe and puts them together as entirely new outfits.   The outfits come together from her sense of style as well as her ability to read your body language, your comfort and facial expressions.  Each outfit is completed with accessories such as jewelery, scarfs and belts (which I’ve now learned make a huge difference) and shoes to boot(pun intended)!

So what happens the next day, after you’ve put together a whirlwind of 30 or so new outfits?  Like me, you probably forget which is supposed to go with what and get so frustrated that you revert back to your old, tired but true way of wearing your clothes.  Not so.  Because Eve figured out that the trick to your new style education is to present you with a digital and physical photo album of you in each outfit.  This way when you wake up in the morning you don’t need two cups of coffee just to remember how to put yourself together.  You simply look in your album, point to an outfit and pull it out of your closet.

And what did thirty new outfits that you will wear cost you?  Certainly not as much as thirty brand new store bought outfits would have cost you.  Eve charges $50 an hour and recommends at least 4-6 hours for an initial consult.  She is also available to help you do some old fashioned personal shopping in the retail stores.

A few days after our ShopYourCloset session Eve met me at a large well-known department store to help me find a dress for an upcoming event I was attending.  I have to admit, meeting with a personal shopper at a high end department store had me a bit nervous.  I was worried that finding all these perfect pieces of clothing was going to put me in a very difficult position – to buy or not to buy!  However, it turns out that Eve is much too savvy to put a client in such a position.  With her guidance, we found one dress (since that’s all I was looking for) that was half the price of what I expected to pay and twice the brand!

While I did get my personal shopping session for free so that I could write this review, I honestly do feel that working with a professional shopper makes sense.  It helps you learn your personal style, is a great way to revitalize your existing wardrobe, and is definitely one of those special treats that we all secretly dream of.   But most importantly, the ShopYourCloset Consult helps you feel good about how you look when you walk out of the house.   And that, I think, is priceless.

So, Kosher Shop-a-holic fans and friends, contact Eve at ShopYourCloset here and tell her that you were referred by The Kosher Shop-a-holic to get a special 10% discount on your first purchase.

Here are some pictures of me in outfits put together by Eve of ShopYourCloset.


Light Up Your Little Girl’s Chanukah with ‘A Lite Girl’: Review & Giveaway

Introducing ‘Yael’ A Kosher Character For Your Little Girl

LITE Girl is an all-new concept in entertainment for Jewish girls.  The LITE Girl brand is committed to producing unique Kosher character books and dolls that are designed to instill young girls with Jewish values of “L”ove, “I”nspire, “T”each, “E”ncourage.

Lite Girls characters, like Yael, gently transmit the principles of Ahavas Yisrael and Ahavas Hashem, encouraging our girls to grow and become the kind of women and mothers who make this world a better place.  Their expanding product line, developed for girls ages 4-11, is instantly lovable and collectible. Girls will convey the Lite Girl values in their homes, schools, camps, and more importantly, hearts.

Lite Girl nurtures inner beauty and creates self respect.  A Lite girl is a leader by example, a giver, and a very best friend.

The first of the Lite girl series is an introductory picture book and page-by-page read-along/sing-along audio CD, titled, ‘Yael’s Loving World’.  Yael’s Loving World is designed especially for girls aged 2-7 as a Jewish alternative to Barbie Dolls or Dora.  I was sent a review copy of this adorable book and since we’ve opened the book, my 3 1/2 year old daughter has fallen in love with Yael.  She takes the book to bed with her, puts a flower headband in her hair like Yael’s every morning and wears her sticker all day.  Its really wonderful for our precious little neshamas (souls) to have someone like Yael, a ‘LITE Girl’ to identify with and love.  The book introduces us to Yael’s sweet home where she is loved by her family, friends and Hashem.

FREE Shipping Code

The Starter Kit, ‘Yael’s Loving World’ comes with a Picture Book, Read-Along/Sing-Along Audio CD and Two 2×3 Stickers and would make a great Chanukkah gift for the little girl in your life.  You can purchase it now from the Be A Lite Girl Website for $16.99.  Use the Promotion Code: KS at checkout to save an additional $5.99 on shipping.


Which LITE value is your favorite?

The Kosher Shopaholic and BeALiteGirl are running a “Light Up your Little Girl’s Chanukah with Lite Girl” giveaway raffle drawing.  To enter, contestants must submit a comment telling us which of the LITE values: Love, Inspire, Teach, or Encourage is your favorite. We will do the drawing December 15th -several days before Chanukah so that winner can receive book/CD set in time for Chanukah.

To Enter,  tell us which is your favorite LITE value on

The Kosher Shopaholic Facebook Page OR

In the Comments Section below OR

in a personal email to litegirl@koshershopaholic.com .

For each one of these actions you do, you get a new entry so you have 3 chances to win! Winners will be announced on The KosherShopaholic Facebook Page on December 15th.

Wishing you and all your little ones a very Happy Hanukkah!







Unique & Fun Gift Ideas for the Jewish Holiday Season

Unique & Fun Gift Ideas for the Jewish Holiday Season

UncommonGoods.com offers a large selection of unique merchandise and gift products that would make great Hostess Gifts for Rosh Hashana or any time of the year.

Here are some of the products that hit my fancy

This beautiful garlic jar is my favorite for your hotess, the foodie who has been cooking for days on end.

For Kids

Mr. & Ms. Food Face Plate.  You can dress up the plate, as you would Mr. Potato Head, with your food.  If you’re looking for a dinner-time food distraction, this product is it!   Or these Chalkboard placemats (ok, not for use on Shabbat) but great way to keep kids at the table during the week!

For Him 

This clever Face Mug stuffed with cookies is a hysterical yet practical and inexpensive gift item at only $18.

For the techies out there who also enjoy their beer, how about an iPhone skin with a bottle opener attachment called, iBottle-opener!

You can also find some unique and fun Gifts for Moms, Original Gifts and Kitchen Gadgets on UncommonGoods.com as well.

Win a $500 Gift Card from Amazon.com

Amazon is running a new Sweepstakes – write a review for a chance to win a $500 Gift Card from Amazon.com.  To enter the sweepstakes you simply write and submit an “Amazon Verified Purchase Review” from an item you have purchased from their Sports & Outdoors Store.  

Its pretty easy to write & submit a review to be entered into the sweepstakes.  Simply,

1) sign-in to your amazon.com account, 2) click on “your orders’ button, 3) when you find the Sports & Outdoor item you’ve purchased click the “Available Actions” button on this item and then, 4) click on the bottom option “write a review” link and then, 5) choose a *star * rating and enter your review online. 

To be eligable your review must meet Amazon’s community and content guidelines.   The contest ends on July 12, 2011.   Winner’s names will be posted on the Amazon Sport & Outdoor Customer Review Sweepstakes page. 

You do not have to make a purchase to be eligable to enter the sweepstakes but you do have to write a review about a product that you have purchased in the past from Amazon.com from their Sports & Outdoors Store.

Here are some of the *hot* sale items at 50% off from Amazon’s Sports & Outdoors Store:

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