February 21, 2018

About Rosh Hashana: Entertainment & Resources

This was originally posted in 2011 and I decided to recirculate it because the information is still so useful!

About Rosh Hashana: Entertainment & Resources

As we enter the Jewish Holiday season of Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year), Yom Kippor and Sukkot, I thought it might be helpful to have some educational as well as entertaining resources at your fingertips.  Here’s a list of some of the top websites where you can read up on the significance of the Jewish Holidays, where you can find some practical guidance and guidelines for the festival days, and where you can find some entertaining You Tube videos as well.

These sites deal with basic questions like ‘what is Rosh Hashana‘ as well as more complex issues such as ‘preparing for a three day yontif’ and the videos are musical, comical and uplifting!

Of course, all of these resources are FREE!

Educational Jewish Websites

Here are some of the leading outreach and educational websites about Judaism and the upcoming Jewish Holidays.

Chabad.org In addition to tons of mulit-media educational material you can also find high holiday/synagogue services around the world at this site!  You can also get some free Rosh Hashana e-cards here as well.

Partners in Torah Some of the best people work here (my friends!)

National Jewish Outreach Program Jewish Treats Guide To Rosh Hashana

Aish.com You can find great articles like a beginners Rosh Hashana Q&A as well as a Rosh Hashana eBook available for free

Ohr Naava Founders of the Days to Disonnect Campaign

Project Inspire Authors of The Road Home and IProd videos.  Many more videos can be found here as well!

Rosh Hashana YouTube Videos 

Newest 2012 Aish.com video What Makes Rosh Hashana Beautiful

Fountainheads Dip Your Apple

Rosh Hashana Rock Anthem  Rosh Hashana Rocks the House in this video!

The Rosh Hashana Song/Soul Bigger  the Companion to I’ve Got a Feeling/The Shabbat Song

Rosh Hashana Hannah OK, she’s a puppet but she’ll get your kids dancing!

Shalom Sesame Joke  I guarantee your kids will laugh at this one!

JewintheCity  Apple iDip !

Click here to read my post about where to find the best Kosher Recipes for the Jewish Holidays  – most of them FREE.

Wishing all my readers new and old a Happy & Sweet New Year.  May you be signed and sealed in the book of life and health!


How To Make Hanukkah, 2011

Tablescape by The Jewish Hostess

Chanukah Resources

The Jewish festival of Hanukkah begins this year on Tuesday night, December 20th and ends on December 28, 2011.  While it is not required to make a Chanukah party to properly celebrate the festival of Hanukkah, Chanukah parties have become a fun and much anticipated tradition among all Jews no matter what their religious observance.

Below is a list of resources ranging from how to light your menorah, the historical significance of Hanukkah, to how to make homemade donuts and latkes as well as some inspiration for a gorgeous Hanukkah party table.  I hope these resources will enhance your celebration of the miracle of Hanukkah.

Chanukah Tablescape

This gorgeous Hanukah Tablescape by The Jewish Hostess can provide you with some inspiration for a beautiful Chanukah party setting of your own.  As fancy and ballabuste as this looks, its actually very inexpensive to make.  All the items were purchased from Ikea and West Elm.

CookKosher donuts

Donut Making Video

Donuts are a Chanukah celebration must-have.  Here’s a short and simple video recipe on how to make home-made donuts by CookKosher.  I love the suggestion at the end to use pizza dough as a shortcut.   I happen to have a freezer full of Trader Joe’s Kosher 99cent Pizza Dough which I can’t wait to use for my home-made Chanukah Donuts.

Latkes from JoyofKosher

Latke Making Video

Potato Latkes are another tradition found in every Jewish home at Chanukah time.  Here’s a quick and easy video of how to make potato latkes for Chanukah by JoyofKosher.

Kosher Cookbooks

For a greater variety on latke and donut recipes you can check out our cookbook gurus Norene Gilletz and Levana Kirschenbaum.  Their best-selling cookbooks, The New Food Processor Bible (a must have in every Jewish home) is on sale for only $20 on Amazon and The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen (another must have) on sale now for only $10 on Amazon.  I’m buying these awesome cookbooks for my preschool teachers as unique Chanukah Gifts that I’m sure will be very loved.

For New Yorkers, Levana is also hosting a Chanukah cooking demo Monday night on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Free Chanukah eBook

Don’t miss your FREE Chanukah eBook , The Jewish Treats Complete Guide To Chanukah which is packed with helpful information like the story of Chanukah, what to do on Chanukah, how to light your menorah and a fun dreidel game.

Chanukah Videos

You can watch an Aish.com  short vort here from Chief Rabbi of South Africa Warren Goldstein about why the Jewish people celebrate the miracle of oil and not the military victory that occurred on Chanukah.  Enjoy this year’s lively Chanukah music videos, all FREE as well!

Dreidel Noodle Recipe

Here’s my Shabbos Chanukah Chicken Soup recipe showing you how to make dreidel noodles!

Gift Guide

Here’s The Kosher Shopaholic Hanukkah Gift Guide for those of you who are last minute shoppers, like me!


Don’t forget to enter my contests to win a $200 gift basket or a free “Missing Menorah” DVD from Shalom Sesame.  You can also purchase the Shalom Sesame DVD set at $15 off using the code KSH102 at checkout.

Ever wonder what the Hebrew initials Nun, Gimmel, Hay, Shin represent on the dreidel?  They stand for “Nes Gadal Haya Shem” “A Great Miracel Happened There”.

Whishing you a freilich, fun-filled, beautiful and tasty Chanukah!


Top Online Resources to Help Weather Hurricane Irene

Hurricane IreneTop Online Resources to Help Weather Hurricane Irene

Hopefully you are somewhere safe and indoors and you are weathering Hurricane Irene well, especially if you are on the East Coast right now.  Here are some online resources for finding information about Irene and her residual damage.

Twitter: Wherever you are in the world right now, you can follow the New York City Mayor’s Office Twitter Account for updates on Irene’s damage and city conditions as well as Irene’s very own Twitter account for a more entertaining but yet serious update on her progress.

Facebook: The Socialicious Company created a NYC Hurricane Irene Communications Circle Facebook Page where you can get regular updates from others of what is going on in their neighborhoods such as flooding or power outages, latest news brief posts and other information.

New York City: You can follow Mayor Bloomberg’s updates on the NYC.gov website or the Weather Channel Hurricane Central for latest updates and news about Irene’s progress.

Google: Google has a Crisis Response Dashboard giving you up to date information as detailed as wind surges and Irene’s exact location.

Tehillim:  This wouldn’t be a Jewish website if I didn’t include the all important power of prayer during a crisis like this one.  Jewish Treats pointed out that this particular Tehillim/Psalms , Chapter 24 in the book of Psalms/Tehillim, is a good one to recite for protection against a flood.

The power is flashing on and off here in Rockland County, New York as I write this.

I hope to be able to post where you can find resources, aid and even help in the clean-up process once we are on the other end of the storm.

Stay safe and stay indoors if you are in the storm’s path.