January 23, 2018

21 Free Recipe eBooks from Amazon

Amazon has many eBooks that  can be read from your PC or eReader for free without buying a Kindle.  You can install a free Kindle app on any PC, Mac, smart phone or tablet and then read these eBooks – all for FREE!  When an Amazon eBook is free its usually free for only a few days, so grab it when you see it because they do go back to regular price.

Right now I found 21 free recipe eBooks from Amazon.  Woohoo! Click on any or all of these to download the cookbook for free.


Here are some free fittness Apps for your iPhone/iPad

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Ziti-Free Baked Ziti

Ziti-Free Baked Ziti

I wanted to share with you my delicious, healthy and extremely simple to make recipe.  Its an alternative to Baked Ziti.  I make it for myself when I serve Baked Ziti to my kids and I have to say, its soooo goooood that I don’t miss the pasta one bit.

You see, for the last 5 weeks I have been off of any wheat food products after reading, Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat Lose The Weight And Find Your Path Back To Health.  The main idea of the book is that today’s wheat products are so genetically altered and so different than what natural wheat is supposed to be that our bodies can’t digest it and wheat, therefore, is to blame for most of our health problems today: diabetes, acid reflux, high blood pressure and of course, weight gain.

He makes such a compelling argument in the book that I decided to go off of wheat for a few weeks to see for myself.  I have to say, I haven’t felt this ‘light’ since before my first pregnancy: I am much less hungry, much more energetic and the inches are melting away.  My biggest challenge is staying away from the meals I make for my children – Baked Ziti being one of mine and my family’s all-time favorites which is how I came up with this Yummy alternative.

So, Here’s The Recipe for Ziti-Free Baked Ziti


4 large, firm portobello mushroom caps (at least 1-inch thick), gills scrapped

1 cup of Marinara Sauce (you can use my home-made version here without the meat, though)

1 cup of shredded Mozzarella Cheese

1 cup of fresh or frozen spinach or broccoli


Scrape the gills of the portobello mushroom caps and place them face up (gill side up) in a casserole dish – there should be a small cavity now inside the mushroom.  Fill the cavity of the mushrooms with either spinach or broccoli.  Put a tablespoon of marinara sauce on top.  Top it off with the mozzarella Cheese.  Cover and bake at 350 for 20 – 30 minutes until the cheese is nice and melted.

Serve & Enjoy!  The portobello mushrooms are so juicy and full of flavor you really don’t miss the pasta and you still get the hot bubbly cheesy goodness that comes from Baked Ziti.

So, what do you think, will you read Wheat Belly and try to go wheat-less along with me?


Hungarian Chicken Paprikash Recipe

Keeping with my theme of saving money in the kitchen by buying a whole chicken for a lot less money than a cut up chicken, here is my grandmother’s wonderful authentic Hungarian Chicken Paprikash recipe. If you’ve never had chicken paprikash before, this will fast become one of your favorite dishes.  It is a great meal to prepare on any of the upcoming Jewish holidays/Yontif since it is prepared on the stove top in one pot.  I make it with non-dairy sour cream the Tofutti Brand Sour Supreme which adds a thick and creamy texture to the sauce but is also low in fat and cholesterol.

Chicken Paprikash

1 whole Chicken

1 chopped onion

1 large tomato chopped

1 large light green pepper (I use Italian pepper but my aunt recommends Anaheim peppers)

3-4 heaping TBSP of Hungarian Paprika (I mix 1 spoon spicy with 3 spoons sweet since I can’t serve too spicy to my kids)

3/4 cup water

8 oz of Tofutti brand Sour Supreme or any non-dairy sour cream or plain soy or coconut milk yogurt.

2 TBSP olive oil

Salt & pepper to taste


In a deep round pot (medium size soup pot) saute onion in the olive oil until the onions are clear and shiny, not browned.  Take the pot off of the heat and add the paprika to the onions (accroding to my family, the trick with Hungarian paprika is to add it when the pot is off the flame for full flavor).  Mix well.  Add the tomato and pepper and mix again.  Put the pot back on the flame and add your cleaned whole chicken.  Add the water, cover and bring to a boil.  Once boiling reduce the heat and simmer for about 1 hour.  Mix once or twice when cooking.

Once the chicken is cooked and tender, remove the chicken from pot.  Add 8 oz of the non-dairy sour cream or soy yogurt to the liquid sauce in the pot.  Mix it well until there are no lumps and let it cook on low for a few minutes.  While the chicken is out of the pot take a kitchen searing scissor and cut the chicken into pieces by the joints.  It is very easy to cut the chicken with the right utensil since the chicken should be very tender.  Add the cut chicken back into the pot and mix.  Serve the chicken and sauce on top of boiled macaroni or egg noodles.


The Best Chicken Dinner – With a Low Price to Match

Barbecue chicken recipeThis is the second of a series of articles that I am writing for Culinary Kosher, a beautiful Kosher cooking website.

The Best Chicken Dinner – With a Low Price To Match

I have the tastiest and easiest recipe for Barbecue Chicken that I am so excited to share with my readers on Culinary Kosher and The Kosher Shop-a-holic.  The best part about this recipe is that it feeds your whole family, generously, for around $7 – $8!

Here’s the big money saving tip.  Use a whole kosher chicken.  Whole chickens are much less expensive than cut up chickens – often $1.00 per pound less than a cut up chicken. A whole 3lb roaster can run between $6.50 to $7.50 and goes a long way.  I’ve found that the Costco frozen Empire chickens tend to be the least expensive roasters around;  although with the loyalty rewards program from one of my local Kosher markets, a whole chicken runs me around the same price as Costco’s.   A whole chicken is also much juicier than a cut-up one and contains a lot more meat per pound when cooked.  By buying a whole chicken instead of a cut-up one, you can save around $3.00 per chicken.

Whole chickens are often intimidating, so people tend to pay the extra cash for the cut-up version.  Here’s a little trick to make whole chickens less threatening.  Use a kitchen searing scissor to clean it – just cut away the extra fat and skin with the kitchen scissor in 1 minute flat.  Then wash the chicken and prepare it whole, with a good recipe like the one below.

Here’s the recipe

Place the whole, cleaned chicken into an aluminum pan.  Pour on store bought barbecue sauce (about half a bottle) and honey (about 2 tablespoons to cover the chicken).   Turn on your barbecue – two back burners on and front burner off.  When its nice and hot (350 – 375 degrees Farenheit) place the chicken in the aluminum pan onto the front of the barbecue.  Close the lid of the barbecue and let it cook for 1.5 – 2.00 hours.  That’s it!

If you’ve used my 7 Steps to Kosher Savings strategy you’ve bought your barbecue sauce on sale for well under $1.00 – so the entire dish costs you about $7.00 and feeds a family of six generously.  I usually serve it with some baked potatoes which can be placed directly on the barbecue while the chicken is cooking.

This will be the juiciest, tastiest, finger-licking chicken you will ever make.  In my house, we eat the bones its so tasty!  And so incredibly easy on the budget and your time!

Let us know in the comments section below how you enjoyed this dish!

Have any great budget-friendly recipes you want to share?  Email them to me or share them in the comments section below.


The Kosher Shopaholic & Culinary Kosher Team up to Find You Budget-Friendy Gourmet Recipes

culinarykosherThis was a post I wrote for CulinaryKosher a beautiful website that features Kosher recipes for the at-home Kosher-gourmet chef.

The Kosher Shopaholic & CulinaryKosher team up to find you Budget-Friendly Gourmet Recipes

I’ve gone through some of the amazing recipies contributed to Culinary Kosher by you readers and found some of the best thrifty, budget-friendly, healthy and tasty meals for your entire family.  Guess what? Being a good home economist doesn’t have to clash with looking like a gourmet chef.

Yaelw’s Tuna Quiche is such a simple and light meal for these hot summer days. It has become my easy go to meal when I have no ingrediants in the fridge and less than 5 minutes to cook (but still want to look gourmet). Seriously, my husband was so impressed the first time I served it he told me to publish it in a gourmet magazine! If you’re like me, you always have extra cans of tuna lying around the house.  And if you follow my thrifty 7 Steps to Kosher Savings those cans of tuna lying in your pantry have cost you under $1.00 each.  If you are concerned with the high mercury levels found in tuna today (especially pregnant and nursing moms) you can easily substitute wild salmon for the tuna.

My next favorite gourmet-thrift meal is Malki’s mac&cheese.  Since I have lots of  young kids in the house, I need many variations of this child (and might I say husband) friendly dish.  It calls for eggs and sour cream along with cheddar cheese.  Again, following The Kosher Shopaholic strategies will mean that you always pay under $1.00 for any type or brand of pasta that you buy.  In that case, this dish is again under $5 and allows you to be a great home economist as well as a culinary giant.

My famous Cheesy Hungarian Potato Casserole is actually very similar to Malky’s gourmet mac&cheese, only instead of macaroni you use potatoes. This meal can be used as a fancy side dish to fish, like I did for Shavuot, or as a stand-alone meal.

For heart-healthier low fat versions of these meals, try using plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. I’ve tried it and it doesn’t change the taste or quality at all.  And you can use these great Chobani Greek Yogurt coupons .

If you like this article, come and visit The Kosher Shopaholic, for more great money saving tips, deals, Kosher coupons, reviews and resources.  I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to comment below as well.