January 21, 2018

Top Online Resources to Help Weather Hurricane Irene

Hurricane IreneTop Online Resources to Help Weather Hurricane Irene

Hopefully you are somewhere safe and indoors and you are weathering Hurricane Irene well, especially if you are on the East Coast right now.  Here are some online resources for finding information about Irene and her residual damage.

Twitter: Wherever you are in the world right now, you can follow the New York City Mayor’s Office Twitter Account for updates on Irene’s damage and city conditions as well as Irene’s very own Twitter account for a more entertaining but yet serious update on her progress.

Facebook: The Socialicious Company created a NYC Hurricane Irene Communications Circle Facebook Page where you can get regular updates from others of what is going on in their neighborhoods such as flooding or power outages, latest news brief posts and other information.

New York City: You can follow Mayor Bloomberg’s updates on the NYC.gov website or the Weather Channel Hurricane Central for latest updates and news about Irene’s progress.

Google: Google has a Crisis Response Dashboard giving you up to date information as detailed as wind surges and Irene’s exact location.

Tehillim:  This wouldn’t be a Jewish website if I didn’t include the all important power of prayer during a crisis like this one.  Jewish Treats pointed out that this particular Tehillim/Psalms , Chapter 24 in the book of Psalms/Tehillim, is a good one to recite for protection against a flood.

The power is flashing on and off here in Rockland County, New York as I write this.

I hope to be able to post where you can find resources, aid and even help in the clean-up process once we are on the other end of the storm.

Stay safe and stay indoors if you are in the storm’s path.