February 19, 2018

Jewpon: $3 off Monsey Barbecue & Save On Challah Pans

There are some really good deals on Jewpon this week.   First, if you live in Monsey (or plan on visiting) you can save $3 on a plate, laffa or pita at Monsey Barbecue.  Monsey Barbecue happens to be one of my favorite place to eat chicken out in Monsey.  They have the freshest grilled chicken around and give very generous portions. I’m grabbing this deal and you should too!

Jewpon is also offering these really cool silicone Challah pans that were all the rave at KosherFest this past fall.  The pans are shaped the way you want your challah to come out (sort of like a bunt cake pan) so you don’t have to worry about doing any fancy braiding of your challah yourself.  You just plop it into the pan and voila – you have gorgeous shaped challahs.  Ingenious.  Its a ‘why didn’t anyone think of this before’ type of thing!

I do not yet own this pan because I have the regular old fashioned oval challah pans, enjoy braiding the challahs myself and love the way my challahs come out .  However, this pan is very tempting.  It is clearly a huge time saver (not to mention fun to use).  I think it also makes a GREAT Gift for the Kallah (new bride) or hostess in your life.

Get your Silicone Royal Challah Pan from Jewpon here!

Don’t forget to buy your $3 off Monsey Barbecue Deal here as well!

My Shalom Bayis Challah