January 20, 2018

Daily Deal Sites: A Rundown

What are Daily Deal sites all about?

A lot of people have been asking me about Daily Deals and what they are all about.   Here’s a rundown of what the daily deal sites are about and a list of the ones that cater to the Jewish and/or Kosher consumer.

Daily Deals

Daily Deal sites are a very popular way to save money on the everyday products and services that you purchase.  By taking advantage of group buying power, they are able to offer consumers the ability to purchase everyday services and products at seriously discounted prices.

Each day, the Daily Deal site features a ‘deal‘ that is available for a limited amount of time.  Some deals are available for one hour, most are available for one day and others are available for one month.  Anyone can purchase the daily deal by visiting the deal website.  The deal sites encourage customers to sign-up and register with them to get regular email updates about the deals they are featuring.  There is no fee to sign up.  You only pay for a deal when you purchase it.

The deals offered vary from discounts on restaurants, grocery and clothing stores, to various products and services.  Deals are offered by geographic location.  So, for example, if you live in New York, when you go to Jewish/Kosher daily deal site you will be shown Kosher restaurant deals for restaurants in the New York area.  You can achieve significant savings when you purchase a daily deal – as long as its for a product or service that you know you will use.  This is what’s behind the Daily Deal strategy – since the deal is only offered for a limited amount of time, you might be more likely to buy a product or service that you wouldn’t have otherwise purchased.  So, for products and services that you use, these sites offer great money saving opportunities.

Groupon:  The pioneer of the daily deal site is Groupon, who is the most well-known deal site today.  You can click here to see Groupon daily deal!

Which are the Kosher/Jewish Daily Deal Sites?

JDeal: JDeal is a daily deal site that caters to the Jewish Community.  They offer seriously surprising deals of up to 80% savings for restaurants, shows, and many other products and services that are of interest to the Jewish consumer.  Click here to see today’s JDeal.

KosherKouponz: KosherKouponz is yet another daily deal site catering to Kosher, Jewish Orthodox community.  You can also find a wide variety of great deals and discounts of up to 80% off everyday services on your favorite Kosher restaurants, hotels, stores and products.  As their promotions say, “What does Groupon Know About Pastrami on Rye?  Not Much”!  Sign up for KosherKouponz daily deal here.

Jewpon:  Jewpon is another daily deal site that caters to the Jewish consumer.  They also offer some really great discounts where you can again save up to 80% on food, clothing, restaurants and other services of interest to the Jewish/Kosher consumer.  View the Jewpon Daily Deal here.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs are different from Daily Deals .  Many restaurants and popular grocery stores offer loyalty programs that are smart to take advantage of since they offer you significant savings as well.  When you sign up with a loyalty program you recieve money back in the form of a rebate check or special discounts for each dollar you spend with them.  AllergyFreeKosher is a great online store that has a nice loyalty program.  Kosher Advantage is another loyalty program where, for $5 a month you get up to 20% savings when you shop in a participating grocery store or restaurant.  The Gateways Game Changer is another loyalty program that costs $10 a month and offers 5% savings with participating stores and restaurants.

So, now you have a pretty comprehensive list of all the deals available to help you save money.  These deals, of course, are good for anyone, not just the Jewish or Kosher shopper.

We’d love to hear from you, tell us, which is your favorite daily deal site or loyalty program?  Let us know in the comments section below.




Worldwide Tisha B’Av Event with Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation: film locations

This Tuesday, August 9, 2011 marks Tisha B’Av 5771, the day when Jews worldwide mourn the destruction of the Jewish Holy Temple – our Beis HaMikdash.  This Tuesday, the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation will be showing a new video, Mending our Relationships Building Our World which is about ‘learning how to preserve shalom/peace wherever its challenged and recover it where its been lost’.

The film will be played  in over 16 countries, 700 different locations and for 50,000 people around the world.  Some of the countries showing the film include the USA, Israel, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, Belguim, Argentina, Mexico, England, France, Italy and more.

Click here to see the full listing of  International locations.

Click here to see full listing of the video sites in the USA.

Click here for a full listing of the video sites in Bungalow colonies.

Click here for a full listings of the video sites in Canada.

A suggested $15 donation for adults and $10 donation for students is recommended to watch the video.

Click here to preview the 5771 Tisha B’Av Video Event.

Click here for the Project Inspire Tisha B’Av 2011 movie, The Road Home.

Free Music Album Download worth $11.99

Free Jewish Music Album Download

You can get a free Music Album download from MostlyMusic.com worth $11.99.  I just got Miami Boys Choir – free!

Jewpon, one of the Jewish Daily Deal sites I’ve written about here, is running a promotion together with Mostly Music.  All you have to do to get your free music album is “LIKE” MostlyMusic on Facebook here and you will be given a promotional code worth $11.99.  Copy this promotion code, go to MostlyMusic.com, choose your $11.99 album, and proceed to checkout.  Make sure to select “no payment necessary” during Payment Process.

To download your free album, either use the email you get from MostlyMusic.com after your free purchase and then download the link individually, or go back to mostlymusic.com, login, go to your account and the click on your most recent order and then click DOWNLOAD THIS ALBUM at bottom.

Enjoy your free Jewish Music!

A Kosher Cookbook App for your iPhone: Special 99cent Promotion

 Kosher Cookbook App for iPhoneI have another confession to make:  I’m a tech geek, married to an even bigger tech geek.  I also love to climb into bed and read cookbooks as if they’re novels.  But I’m very picky about which recipes I actually make for my finiky family and, I only prepare Kosher food.  So when I got my hands on Gloria Kobrin and Appsolute Media’s Kosher Cookbook App for iPhone, I was ecstatic!  The marriage of my favorites:  kosher cooking and technology

I also consider myself a decent critic – of both recipes and apps, since I’m an avid user of  both.  Kosher Cookbook is up there in the ratings for its clear, organized, fun and extremely easy to use application.  An app built by technology masters with recipes developed by a professional cookbook writer/chef.   If you want the app for the amazing recipes but are a bit shy of the technology, there really is nothing to fear.  You will be able to understand how to use your Kosher Cookbook application in no time flat.  If you love apps (like I do) this will easily become one of your favorites.

And as for the Kosher gourmet in your house, they will love Gloria’s selection of recipes.  The recipes are not too exotic or unusual yet not boring or common in any way.  All the recipes are classy, gourmet and classic.  Take for example, ‘The Classics’ (from that category) such as Baked Marinated Chicken, Pot Roast, Chicken Soup, Cole Slaw, Mandelbrodt, Rugelach, and Stuffed Cabbage.   Or the “Masters Gone Kosher” category where you can find Baklava, Boeuf Bourguignon, Coq Au Vin, Meringues, Moussaka, Peach Galette, Roast Duck in Rhubarb Sauce, Salmon Canapes, Striped Bass En Croute and more.  The next category of recipes is “Gloria’s Hits” featuring Butterscotch Brownies, Meat Loaf, Rack of Lamb with Pesto and more.  You can also find a wide selection of easily organized recipes in the rest of the categories: The Carnivore, Let’s Make a Salad, Soup’d Up, Just Chicken, Vegetarian Gourmet, Lots of Sides, Lite Fare, Breakfast Bakery, Party Fare, Tiny Treats and Big Sweets

The best feature of all, however, is  “The Tools“.  With the touch of a finger, you can organize your favorite of Gloria’s recipes into Meal and Menu Plans (Jewish Holiday menu planning is around the corner, folks!) and she gives you suggestions for meals and menus for each Jewish holiday, Shabbat and seasons of the year.  As with most apps, there is also an easy to use search feature, a section where you can add your own recipes and you can create your own customized shopping list from her fully itemized list of ingrediants from each of her recipes.  Your complete Kosher shopping list, recipes and menu plan all neatly contained and organized right in your app.  Now do you understand why I’m so ecstatic? 

No more searching through thick hard-copy cookbook indexes to find the recipe you need.  No more pages and pages of lists.  No more searching through index cards and drawers for last years Rosh Hashana Menu Plan.  Its all there for you in your little app.  And the best thing about it – the well used recipe ‘pages’ won’t ever be full of chocolate and oil smudges!

Download the Kosher Cookbook App from iTunes now while its on sale for only $0.99 – regularly priced at $4.99.  If having over 300 delicious Kosher recipes and 150 images at the touch of your fingertips isn’t appealing enough, I’ll bet the price certainly is.

Here is a list of the Top free apps on the App Store.

Here is a review of PowerSefer Jewish App

Here is my review of tons of free children’t apps.

Newest Jewish App: Power Sefer – Get an eSefer Mishna Free till August 4th

powersefer appPower Sefer is a revolutionary new App for Jewish Torah learning.  Yehoshua Levin, the author, has put together an entire Jewish Book Case for your iPad or iPhone (version 4+).   It contains the entire Torah, Mishna, Nach, Chazal, Talmud (Babli & Yerushalmi), Halacha, Kaballa, Moadim, – this is a list of the broad categories.  Within each of these categories there are many seforim containing many different commentaries (Rashi, Ibn Ezra, Rambam, Chaim Vital to name just a few) as well as the following additional seforim: Nefesh Ha Chaim, Mesillas Yesharim, Likutei Amorim Tanya, Sefer Yetzira, Sefer Kuzari.  The seforim (books) are all in Hebrew and a beautiful Hebrew keyboard for searching and note taking comes with the App as well as a Hebrew-English dictionary.

When you fire-up your App you’re presented with a graphic of a bookshelf (which starts off empty just like in your personal house) and you can then download onto your iPad/iPhone each of these Sefarim (Jewish Books).  Once you’ve downloaded a sefer its added to your graphical bookshelf and looks as pretty and clear as the real thing.  Each book has been graphically bound as uniquely as the content of the books themselves.  You can see the care, quality, love and detail that has been poured into this incredible App. 

You touch a book from your bookshelf on your screen, open it, and the first thing that strikes you is the very clear and easy to read fonts which you can make larger or smaller with another touch of the finger.   The quality is as clear as an open book from the top eReader Apps around (Amazon Kindle, Kobo), except that this eBook is an eSefer, all in Hebrew print and Rashi script, formatted just as you would expect from the original hard copy book.  You can make notes on the pages, bookmark and run searches.   

You can get the Sefer Mishna (all the books of the Mishna) for free all week long (regularly priced very reasonably at $1.99).  Once you fall in love with your Mishna Power Sefer, you can upgrade and purchase the entire Power Sefer series for $29.99 for iPad and $14.99 for iPhone.  PowerSefer is also available for your PC desktop, Android or Blackberry.  My husband admits that once you experience the quality, volume and depth of Power Sefer, it is well worth the price. 

Power Sefer is for serious learners and beginners alike.  You can take your entire book-case with you on vacation, to work, during your commute – and never miss a second of your learning.  Power Sefer is a serious and wonderful addition to Torah Learning.  

Who thought The Kosher Shopaholic was just for women?

For more free Apps see my posts – Reward Your Kids with Free Children’s Apps, Free e-books for Amazon Kindle, or free Kobo eReader and Free eBooks

For more Jewish Apps see my review of Davka Jewish Apps here. 

Don’t forget to Like The Kosher Shopaholic on Facebook for a chance to win one of Levana’s Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen cookbooks!

Free Artscroll Siddur, Tanach, Tehillim, Jewish Travel Guide for Jewish Students

free artscroll siddur, tanach, tehillim, jewish travel guide

Anyone who has taken a trip to Jerusalem’s Old City and been to the famous Western Wall (ie: The Kotel) has probably come across the famous Jeff Seidel who has set up hundreds of thousands of Jewish students with host families for Shabbat, Yeshiva and Seminary experiences.  If you haven’t had the opporutnity to be personally set up by Jeff Seidel yet, you’ve probably still heard of him.  He’s been doing this great Mitzvah (good deed) for decades.

To add to this great deed, Jeff Seidel is now able to offer Free Jewish books: Artscroll Siddurs, Tehillim, Tanachs and his Jewish Travel Guide to Jewish students coming to Israel to study.  If you are a Jewish student coming to Israel to study in a Yeshiva/Seminary program, short or long-term, you can apply for any of these free books: Artscroll Siddur, Tehillim, Tanach, Jewish Travel Guide here.

If you are a Jewish student and interested in going to Israel, see my post about Jeff’s $400 scholarship to Israel.

Students should also take advantage of Amazon Prime’s free membership for students which gives you free shipping on Amazon’s thousands of products.

It’s Another Blog Party – Live at Nargila Tonight!

Bukharian Bread & dumpling soup called shurb...

Bukharian Bread & Dumpling Soup called Shurb...

Join me tonight, with  Blog Talk Radio & The Kosher Scene, where we will once again, be’ezras Hashem, be transmitting live from Nargila Grill (1599 York Avenue – between E. 84 and E. 85th Street – New York 10028; Tel: 212.535.3700).  Why? Because… tonight the owner’s mother will be cooking her famed Bukharian dishes (not to mention that its also my birthday)! 

Our all-star cast includes Alessandra Rovati (Dinner in Venice), Esti Berkowitz (Primetime Parenting), Levana Kirschenbaum (Levana Cooks), Kim Amzallag (Kosher Inspired/Mishpacha Magazine), Marlene Mamiye (The Jewish Hostess), and me- Suzannah Raff (The Kosher Shopaholic).

We will discuss the cultural differences in Jewish foods, how the Jews throughout history were influenced by the local environment, but still managed to keep a strong Jewish tradition. It’s been said that its food defines a people, we will discuss how we adapted ourselves, how the Jewish cuisine evolved and is far more than just gefilte fish, brisket and tcholent.  I hope to discuss my family’s Hungarian Jewish cooking tradition, my father’s entrepreneurial restaurants, Challah Baking and all its Blessings.

You can tune in to us at 7:30pm (Eastern Time) tonight at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kosherscene or you can join us at Nargila Grill ((1599 York Avenue – between E. 84 and E. 85th Street – New York 10028; Tel: 212.535.3700) for an evening of great talk and superb food.  Nargila Grill is under the hasgacha of of the O K Labs.

We are all really excited to sample the owner Michael’s mother’s Bukharian cooking.  What a great way to celebrate – great talk, great food, great friends and you! Why not come over and say hello?  Or listen in to the great discussion on-line here or over the phone or in the archives.