January 23, 2018

Newest Jewish App: Power Sefer – Get an eSefer Mishna Free till August 4th

powersefer appPower Sefer is a revolutionary new App for Jewish Torah learning.  Yehoshua Levin, the author, has put together an entire Jewish Book Case for your iPad or iPhone (version 4+).   It contains the entire Torah, Mishna, Nach, Chazal, Talmud (Babli & Yerushalmi), Halacha, Kaballa, Moadim, – this is a list of the broad categories.  Within each of these categories there are many seforim containing many different commentaries (Rashi, Ibn Ezra, Rambam, Chaim Vital to name just a few) as well as the following additional seforim: Nefesh Ha Chaim, Mesillas Yesharim, Likutei Amorim Tanya, Sefer Yetzira, Sefer Kuzari.  The seforim (books) are all in Hebrew and a beautiful Hebrew keyboard for searching and note taking comes with the App as well as a Hebrew-English dictionary.

When you fire-up your App you’re presented with a graphic of a bookshelf (which starts off empty just like in your personal house) and you can then download onto your iPad/iPhone each of these Sefarim (Jewish Books).  Once you’ve downloaded a sefer its added to your graphical bookshelf and looks as pretty and clear as the real thing.  Each book has been graphically bound as uniquely as the content of the books themselves.  You can see the care, quality, love and detail that has been poured into this incredible App. 

You touch a book from your bookshelf on your screen, open it, and the first thing that strikes you is the very clear and easy to read fonts which you can make larger or smaller with another touch of the finger.   The quality is as clear as an open book from the top eReader Apps around (Amazon Kindle, Kobo), except that this eBook is an eSefer, all in Hebrew print and Rashi script, formatted just as you would expect from the original hard copy book.  You can make notes on the pages, bookmark and run searches.   

You can get the Sefer Mishna (all the books of the Mishna) for free all week long (regularly priced very reasonably at $1.99).  Once you fall in love with your Mishna Power Sefer, you can upgrade and purchase the entire Power Sefer series for $29.99 for iPad and $14.99 for iPhone.  PowerSefer is also available for your PC desktop, Android or Blackberry.  My husband admits that once you experience the quality, volume and depth of Power Sefer, it is well worth the price. 

Power Sefer is for serious learners and beginners alike.  You can take your entire book-case with you on vacation, to work, during your commute – and never miss a second of your learning.  Power Sefer is a serious and wonderful addition to Torah Learning.  

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Great Feldheim Book Deal from Kosher Kouponz


feldheim books

Have you been wanting the latest Kosher cookbook?  To brush up on some more somber reading during the 3 weeks?  Been meaning to get some great Jewish classics?  Need Hebrew seforim for yontif? 

For the next 7 days, you can purchase $30 worth of Feldheim books for only $15 through Kosher Kouponz latest deal.  Plus, the deal includes Free Shipping!  I hope to purchase a few of these Kosher Kouponz myself to stock up on gifts for friends and loved ones. 

 Koupon expires 10/30/2011, is valid on a minimum order of $45 at feldheim.com only and is not valid on clearance items. 

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