February 21, 2018

Video: Watch a Baby Chick Hatch

I managed to capture the birth of a baby chick on video – watch it below!

We had the pleasure of visiting Cherry Crest Adventure Farms on a recent family vacatation to Lancaster, PA.  Of all the rides, activities and things to do on vacation, by far, each of my childrens’ favorite activity was to hold and cuddle with the tiny newborn baby chicks on the farm.  The chicks that we were able to hold and pet are only 1-3 days old and next to them are eggs, warming in incubators, ready to hatch.

While we visited the farm we were able to watch 2 baby chicks hatch out of their eggs, one of which I managed to capture on video and am sharing with you below.  It can take a baby chick about 3 days to get completely out of his shell.  The process I witnessed and captured on video was his last 10 minutes where he cracks open the shell and slowly shakes it off of him.  It is a really adorable and beautiful experience.  I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

Here are some pictures of the baby chicks being held.  If you’ve never been to Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, I highly recommend it (and this is not a paid endorsement! )


Oh, and did I mention that they have hot Kosher Pizza!!!!