February 19, 2018

Video: Watch a Baby Chick Hatch

I managed to capture the birth of a baby chick on video – watch it below!

We had the pleasure of visiting Cherry Crest Adventure Farms on a recent family vacatation to Lancaster, PA.  Of all the rides, activities and things to do on vacation, by far, each of my childrens’ favorite activity was to hold and cuddle with the tiny newborn baby chicks on the farm.  The chicks that we were able to hold and pet are only 1-3 days old and next to them are eggs, warming in incubators, ready to hatch.

While we visited the farm we were able to watch 2 baby chicks hatch out of their eggs, one of which I managed to capture on video and am sharing with you below.  It can take a baby chick about 3 days to get completely out of his shell.  The process I witnessed and captured on video was his last 10 minutes where he cracks open the shell and slowly shakes it off of him.  It is a really adorable and beautiful experience.  I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

Here are some pictures of the baby chicks being held.  If you’ve never been to Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, I highly recommend it (and this is not a paid endorsement! )


Oh, and did I mention that they have hot Kosher Pizza!!!!

Infant and Baby Organic Onsies and Tees: Under $10 and Free Shipping!

amazon baby shopYUM!   Amazon is selling Organic Baby Onsies & Tees for under $10.00 each with free shipping.  Get them in every size.  Stock pile them as newborn and infant baby gifts.  These are especially great for first-time moms because when you have a pure new baby in your arms for the first time, you only want the best quality material on their bodies.  What can be better than this deal?  I’m very excited about these organic onsies and tees at such low prices.  Can you tell?  How many are you getting?

Check out this Funkoos Girls Rule Organic Baby Bodysuit in pink with snaps going all the way up.  I know first-hand how hard it is to find onsies with snaps going up so you don’t have to torture your precious newborn with pulling the tight little shirt over her head. Lots more like these can be found right now at Amazon’s Baby Shop  for under $10.00 with free shipping.

**HOT** Graco Snap & Go Infant Car Seat Stroller at 23% off

If you have a baby in the house who is still in an infant car seat, or if you or a loved one is expecting a baby, and you don’t yet have the Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat Stroller , otherwise known as a “Snap & Go” get it on sale for 23% off now.  Amazon is offering the Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame for only $57.95 –  regularly priced at $74.99.  A bargain!

I have had a hand me down of one of these for over 7 years (so mine is at least 10 years old) and it is still my all-time favorite baby stroller!  It has the smoothest ride and is so easy to manuveur, the basket underneath is huge and easy to access (very important when shopping with the baby), it is so convenient – click car seat in, one hand open/close, and it is incredibly durable.   I am always sad when my babies outgrow the infant car seat and I can no longer use my favorite stroller.  The Snap&Go is a must have in any home!

Get this great Infant Stroller now, while its still on sale!

Are You an Amazon Mom?

This post is for anyone who knows anyone who has a baby, toddler or child in diapers: a mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, friend.  That just about means everyone. 

Because if you or your someone who uses diapers doesn’t know about Amazon Mom‘s amazingly low prices on brand-name diapers and wipes, you will be thanking me forever.

As I began this website I discussed some of my research into the cheapest way to buy diapers – see my post, Diaper Run.  After that post, many  readers wrote  to tell me that Amazon Mom has the least expensive diapers around.  I’ve finally completed my research and am sharing with you now about Amazon Mom.

Any caretaker of children can join Amazon Mom – male or female.  Joining is free.  Once you are an “Amazon Mom” you automatically get 15% off on all diapers, wipes and tons of other products.  When you sign up for subscribe & save (again free) you get an additional 15% off, giving you a total 30% discount.  You also get free 3 month 2-day shipping as soon as you sign up and the free shipping is extended one month for every $25 you order.   If you regularly order diapers you’ll keep extending that free shipping easily.  You can also cancel your Subscribe & Save at any time for no charge. 

Here are some of the unbelievable  (Amazon Mom)+ (Subscribe & Save) deals you can get.  

Pampers Baby Dry Size 4 Diapers Economy Pack Plus 192 Count = $33.59 ($0.17/count) (I bought these)

Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Diapers, Stage 4, 30 Count (Pack of 4) = $26.60 ($0.22/count)

Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers, Size 2, 100 Count = $14.50 ($0.15/count)

Pampers Sensitive 3X Wipes 192 Count (Pack of 4)= $18.16 ($0.02/count)

Pampers SoftCare Scented 10X Wipes 720 Count =$12.94 ($0.02/count)

Pampers ThickCare Unscented 7X Wipes 504 Count = $9.79 ($0.02/count) (bought these too)

Of course, there are lots more than my selection above.  Just sign-up for Amazon Mom to find what you need!

Funny that I’ve finally discovered the least expensive and by far most convenient way to purchase diapers after seven years of at least two babies in diapers. 

Delivered to your doorstep…  I’m crying! 

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Maybe I should’ve call this post, “No more midnight diaper runs!”?

YoBaby, YoKids, Stonyfield Organic, Oikes Yogurt Coupons

stonyfield farms yogurtsYou can print  a whole bunch of Stonyfield Organics yogurt coupons simply from joining the Stonyfield Rewards Program for free.  You just have to go to the Stonyfield Farms website here to sign up. 

Once you are a rewards member you are able to print $0.50 off coupons for each of these versions of Stonyfield Farms yogurts: Yobaby, YoToddler, YoKids, Stonyfields, Oikes Greek yogurts.  All organic, Kosher and tasty! 

Want to win a free 4-back of YoBaby – see my post here.

Want more Kosher Coupons?  Here’s one for Chobani Greek G-dness Yogurt and one for Baskin-Robbins ice cream.

Week 3 – Diaper Run: a success

baby in diapers

Image via Wikipedia

There are a few items that I find very daunting to shop wisely for.  Diapers, paper towels, toilet paper to name the few.  Between the different size packages, many different brands, and many diverse prices, I get confused just thinking about how to buy these items economically.  That’s why Coscto is so great.  You buy it in bulk and don’t have to think about it again for a few months.  But my Savvy Kosher Shopping strategy forces me to deal with these items.  At least one at a time. 

So I finally began to run low on diapers and managed to get at least 1 coupon for diapers to go ahead and refill my supply. This week actually, (5/1/11 P&G insert)  there were indeed coupons for diapers.  So I decided to go to Target since they were running a promotion on big pack Pampers: $19.79 each and $5 gift card if you buy 2 big packs of Pampers.  

With my coupon ($1.50 off in the P&G 5/1 insert) and their $5 gift card special I spent $33.08 for 128 diapers (60 size 6 and 68 size 4).  Doing the math here I paid .26 cents per diaper!  Considering that the same big pack that weren’t on promotion were $29.99 for 68 diapers which would have been .44cents per diaper, I think I did very well.  

Funny thing happened at the checkout counter.  The box of 68 diapers that were rung up were for the non-sale $29.99 ones.  And I noticed before it was too late!!!  I then had to go back and search for the boxes that were the right price.  You really have to be careful to make sure you are purchasing both the right type of box that is on promotion and that it matches the coupon! 

Before my Savvy Kosher Savings days, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed that the wrong non-sale price was rung up!

I do not yet know if this is the best diaper deal around.  I hope to do a comparison of Costco products to sale/coupon products in a future post.  Please let me know in the comments section if you’d be interested in such a post and what products you’d most like to see compared.

PS – I also managed to take advantage of the ‘feminine hygiene’ product promotion they were having and suffice it to say that with 3 boxes of purchases and coupons and $5 gift card I saved an additional $7.00 making my grand savings of the day $18.00

Conclusion:  I am beginning to see that with select items and some forethought, you really can get significant savings without compromising kosher, quality or time standards.  And you don’t have to be an extremist to do so.