February 19, 2018

Kosher Certified Wild Planet Tuna Sale On Amazon

When you have the option to buy Wild fish at virtually the same prices as the farm-raised ones, don’t pass it up!  The health benefits of wild versus farm raised are numerous – its healthier, natural and better tasting.

Here are some of the features of the Wild Planet Albacore Tuna that’s on sale now on Amazon:

  • sashimi-grade tuna, caught wild in the Pacific Northwest area.
  • Omega-3 oils maintained and no additional liquid is added
  • hand-selected smaller fish for lower mercury accumulation.
  •  Comes in BPA-free cans.
  • OU-kosher certified.

You can find this Tuna at Whole Foods for about $3.15 per can .  With Amazon Subscribe & Save, you can get six cans for $12.70, or $2.12 per can, with free shipping.  Don’t pass this up its so healthy for your family!

Use it for tuna salad, tuna casserole, tuna patties, tuna meatballs and more.

Remember that selecting Subscribe & Save is pretty low risk since after your shipment you can unsubscribe the item at any time with no cost.  Before shipping your item, Amazon always sends you a reminder email that you have the option of cancelling before its delivered and payed for.  Although I really like the idea of such a healthy product being delivered to me on a regular basis at such a low price!

Get your Wild Planet Sustainably Caught Wild Albacore Tuna, 5 Ounce Cans (Pack of 6) now!

Free Box Of Gluten-Free Mazto: Coupon Code

Yehuda makes a brand of Gluten Free Matzo-Style Squares that are Kosher for Passover, imported from Israel and a proud sponsor of the Celiac Disease Foundation.  Their  matzo are made from all-natural ingredients: tapioca starch, water, potato starch, potato flour, pressed palm oil, natural vinegar, egg yolks, honey, and salt and is certified by the Gluten Free Certification Organization.  For a full review of these Matzos see My Most Favorite Passover Products post here.

For your FREE box of Gluten Free Matzah, use the code GFM979 with your next order from glutenfreematzo.com.


Super Sale On Embroidered Yarmukes & Learn How To Revitalize Old Ones

How To Revitalize Old Yarmulkes

Do your kids’ yarmulkes always get crumpled & ruined?   Are you in need of some new Yarmulkes for the kids for Passover?

Would you like to learn how to revitalize your old worn out tattered yarmulkes?

Watch this video by Abbey creator & designer of Not2Shabbey and learn how to salvage those tattered Yarmulkes to make them look new again.

Coupon Code For Embroidered Yarmulkes

TODAY ONLY all yarmulkes are on sale at reduced prices from Not2Shabbey.com ! Save an additional 10% off when you use promo code YMLKA10 at checkout.  Sale ends at midnight March 14, 2012 – Happy Shopping :)

Want to win a Not2Shabbey hand painted glass ribbon bowl – enter the contest here!



Jewpon: $3 off Monsey Barbecue & Save On Challah Pans

There are some really good deals on Jewpon this week.   First, if you live in Monsey (or plan on visiting) you can save $3 on a plate, laffa or pita at Monsey Barbecue.  Monsey Barbecue happens to be one of my favorite place to eat chicken out in Monsey.  They have the freshest grilled chicken around and give very generous portions. I’m grabbing this deal and you should too!

Jewpon is also offering these really cool silicone Challah pans that were all the rave at KosherFest this past fall.  The pans are shaped the way you want your challah to come out (sort of like a bunt cake pan) so you don’t have to worry about doing any fancy braiding of your challah yourself.  You just plop it into the pan and voila – you have gorgeous shaped challahs.  Ingenious.  Its a ‘why didn’t anyone think of this before’ type of thing!

I do not yet own this pan because I have the regular old fashioned oval challah pans, enjoy braiding the challahs myself and love the way my challahs come out .  However, this pan is very tempting.  It is clearly a huge time saver (not to mention fun to use).  I think it also makes a GREAT Gift for the Kallah (new bride) or hostess in your life.

Get your Silicone Royal Challah Pan from Jewpon here!

Don’t forget to buy your $3 off Monsey Barbecue Deal here as well!

My Shalom Bayis Challah




Great Freebies: $5 Kohls Gift Card and Proctor & Gamble Coupons

Here is a list of some really useful freebies:


Big Savings on AllergyFreeKosher

AllergyFreeKosher, your online allergy-free, nut free, gluten free, dairy free product Kosher superstore is offering a few really great deals.  Buy in bulk and save 20%, get 15% off when you buy 3 or more of any item and get free shipping on orders over $49.  These deals are ongoing.

As well, today only, January 2, 2012, you can save 25% of Heavan Mills gluten free products.

Here are some of the amazing sales going on now at AllergyFreeKosher.com

Buy 3 or more of any item and get 15% off

Get Free Shipping on orders over $49

Buy a whole case of and get 20% off

Save 25% on Gluten-Free Heaven Mills Products: AllergyFreeKosher

Today, January 2, 2012, you can save 25% when you buy any of 4 select Heaven Mills Gluten-Free Products.  Visit AllergyFreeKosher and use the Coupon code: Heaven at checkout to get your discount.

The discount is for Heaven Mills Chocolate Buns, Cinnamon Buns, Gluten-Free Chocolate strip cake (15 oz) and Gluten-Free black & white cookies (11 oz),  for $4.94 regularly priced $6.99.

Gluten Free never tasted this good! 

Visit AllergyFreeKosher and save!

KOL Foods: Organic & Kosher Meats $10 Off Coupon

KOL Foods: Organic & Kosher Meats $10 Off Coupon

Honest. Healthy. Sustainable. Humane. Deliciously mouth watering. KOL Foods allows you to balance ancient and modern values when you buy their Kosher, organic, grass fed, free roaming, antibiotic free chickens and meat.

Buy $100 worth of Kosher organic foods from KOL Foods Now and recieve $10 off your order of $100 or more.    Use the Coupon Code: ny12.  Offer ends 1/4/2012.

Shop KOL Foods Now & Save $10!

Top 10 Kosher Wines of 2011: $10 off Sample Pack

#1 Wine by KosherWine.com voters

Save $10 on a sample pack of the top 10 Kosher wines of 2011

KosherWine.com held a contest for wine lovers to vote for thier favorite wines.  Voters from around the world have cast their votes for the Top 10 Wines of 2011, and the results are in!

Now, you as a Kosher wine lover and consumer, can select from the top wines to grace your Shabbat table, simcha or any other event.

Below you will find this year’s list of top 10 Kosher Wines.  You can also purchase a sample pack of all top 10 bottles and get $10 off the regular sale price.  Isn’t that a great idea?  Sample all of the best wines to find your favorite!

Click here to purchase all 10 bottles as a sampler and get $10 off the regular prices.

Top 10 Kosher Wines of 2011 from KosherWine.com

#1 Odem Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon Volcanic 2009 for $23.99

#2 Bartenura Moscato 2010 for $12.99

#3 Castel Grand Vin 2007 for $59.99

#4 Baron Herzog Jeunesse Cabernet Sauvignon 2010  for $9.99

#5 Le Mourre de L’Isle Cotes du Rhone 2009  for $13.99

#6 Primo-V Moscato on sale for only $6.99 regularly priced $8.99

#7 Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 for $24.99

#8 Galil Mountain Yiron 2007 for $24.99

#9 Segal’s Zmora 2010  for $7.89

#10 Bartenura Rosso Toscano 2010 on sale now for $5.99 regulalry priced $6.99

Click here for more information about any of these wines or to purchase them from Kosherwine.com.




Save 10% On All Kosher Sparkling Wines & Champagnes

Save 10% On All Kosher Sparkling Wines & Champagnes

With so many reasons to pop open a bottle of champagne, Kosherwine.com decided to put ALL of theirs on sale for you with no minimum purchase! Use coupon code 70438E4 for 10% off anything from their Sparkling Page.

KosherWine.com has the largest selection of Kosher wines, champagnes, liquors and grape juices online.  They also have a nice variety of gift baskets and packages to choose from.

Save 10% on Kosher Sparking Wines right now. Sale ends on Sunday, January 1, 2012.

$5 off Gap Kids Coupon = Free Clearance Items!

$5 off Gap Kids Coupon = Free Clearance Items!

Here’s a nice pre Black Friday Freebie / Deal:  Get a $5 off Gap Kids Coupon Code from Facebook here and then use it on clearance items to get them free!  You can redeem this coupon on any purchase, including clearance and non-clearance items.  Coupon is redeemable at any Gap Store location and valid until 12/24/11.

For a free Amazon Gund Bear, click here.