January 20, 2018

Make-Up That’s Kosher For Passover, Shabbos & Everyday

A few months back I reviewed this awesome line of make-up by Shaindee Costmetics here.  Shaindee recently contacted me to let me know that she has a very exciting new product out: long lasting stain lipstick glosses that are CARMINE-FREE & 100 % Kosher for Passover and year round.  They come in pretty pinks, purples and reds.  They also have a long-wear, 2 day liquid eye-liner which I personally love since, as a liquid it never smears and I don’t have to worry about it wearing off during a long Shabbat or 2-3 day Yontif that you can shower and swim in.

Shaindee told me that she understands how hard it is to buy cosmetics online online, so she helps make it much easier by offering a personalized approach to the impersonal.  Customers can email her pictures of themselves, telling her their make-up likes and struggles and she recommends colors and products for them.  She almost always gets it right.  For instance, I have a problem with eye-liner, within an hour its always smudged down my eye giving me tired-looking black eyes.  Shaindee sent me her long lasting liquid eyeliner to try special for this coming yontif & I put it on and 8 hours later its still fresh as new!  Thank you Shaindee!

ShainDee’s products are sold all over the world, including places as far reaching as Israel, Australia, England, Canada and Panama. The high quality line of kosher for passover make-up is available for purchase online here or in some select stores.  To learn about their various make-up and how to apply it before Shabbos, on Shabbos or anytime, you must check out her wonderful HOW-TO-APPLY-MAKE-UP VIDEOS.

For those people who use Shabbat makeup they have the most user friendly colors and product that work well with skin tones and are easy to
apply.  They have mineral foundation for normal to dry skin and duo foundations for oily skin.  Both do an amazing job concealing and even-ing out the
skin without looking and feeling like a mask.  Shaindee tells me that “we always tell our ladies that we want out product to bring out their best feature. people should say they look beautiful not that they are wearing beautiful makeup“. The same foundations can be used for  long lasting for the ladies who do not hold by shabbat makeup. It is in the way you apply them that  makes them  long lasting.  Make sure to watch her video on how to keep your makeup on or the halachot of applying Shabbat makeup.

By the way, the new spring colors that just arrived are ivy green and blue.  Click here to visit ShainDee Cosmetics, view the how-to videos, ask Shaindee a beauty question or purchase some Kosher L’Pesach & everyday cosmetics. 



My Most Favorite Food Restaurant Turns Kosher For Passover

My Most Favorite Food Restaurant – Open Chol Ha Moed Passover 2012 & Year Round

My Most Favorite Food is a wonderful restaurant that boasts a rich & flavorful history in the city of Manhattan.  In its present Upper West Side of Manhattan location, it caters to the large Jewish & kosher-keeping community who live and thrive there.  Their menu offers a full range of delicious healthy foods for gluten-free & gluten-lovers alike.  They offer a wide assortment of seasonal salads, grilled/baked fresh fish and the traditional home-made pasta dishes found in most dairy restaurants.  They also have a mouth-watering menu of fresh home-baked desserts, available to eat or take-out.

The owners of My Most Favorite Food found me through this website and invited to come and eat in the restaurant to write a review.  That was an opportunity I didn’t want to pass up since, first, I was familiar with the older, My Most Favorite Dessert Company and was curious to see why the name & location change and second because, well, who doesn’t need a night out in the city with the hubby (on the house!).  So, while my review may subconsciously be skewed by the fact that I got a night out on the house, I can definitely say that after my meal, I would go there again as a paying patron, in a heart-beat.

The restaurant is gorgeous and fitting to the upper west side location with its combination of red brick warmth and full length cool city windows.  The serving staff were attentive, knowledgeable and provided us with a relaxing and pampered experience.  And the food was superb.   I am on the Dukan Diet which means I am wheat, gluten & pasta free.  So the grilled Salmon and Greek Salad were my choices.  My husband, on the other hand, can keep skinny while still eating an entire plate full of baked ziti at 10:00pm (which was when we finally got the kids to bed & drove out to the city).  My salmon was wild (which is much healthier than farm-fed), fresh and perfect.  My husband’s pasta was just as delicious and fresh.  For purposes of this review, I made sure to taste my husband’s My Most Favorite Cheesecake and regretfully, it was so good I couldn’t stop with one bite!  Had it not been so close to Passover, I would have brought home half the take-out bakery goods for Shabbat.  And the other half as guilt offerings for my kids for leaving them with a babysitter for the evening.  They have these adorable little mini-cupcakes & cookies beautifully decorated for the kids.  They were just too pretty to leave in the store!

However, I think what’s most notable about this wonderful restaurant is the lengths they go to to satisfy their customers.  Some of you may know that when I’m not running The Kosher Shopaholic, I do business coaching for a living.  So I am accustomed to noticing a star when I see one.  Not many business owners would expend the amount of effort, time and money to turn an entire (pasta, pastry, cake) restaurant and off-site commissary Kosher for Passover. But My Most Favorite Food, catering to the needs of the surrounding Kosher community does.  You can live anywhere in the US and still order from their wide assortment of “I-can’t-believe-its-Kosher-for-Passover” selections as they ship throughout the country.  Of course, if you live closer by, you can call in an order for delivery or better yet, take the whole family out to eat there for Chol Ha Moed.   And after the seders moms, you deserve a break! 

Click here to see their full Kosher-for-passover menu.  And if you do go visit them, make sure to tell them I sent you!

BTW – the dessert in this picture is their success cake: layers of almond meringue with French vanilla crème, garnished with toasted almonds.  Available for passover and year round!

Passover Giveaway # 4: Passover Kitchen Prize Pack From KosherFest

My final gift to you readers this Passover, 2012 season is the following Prize Package assortment sponsored by KosherFest.

The package contains…







A 36-piece set of Kosher Keepers food storage containers – perfect for all your Pesach left-overs!




A package of Yehuda Gluten free matzah (toasted onion flavor).




Chef Jeff Nathan’s Gluten free panko flakes

Sweet Goodies Gluten free sour belts candy by Kedem

A Box Of Yehuda Gluten free cake meal
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Passover Giveaway #3: Win The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen {& view 3 of Levana’s most popular Pesach recipes}


I have a copy of the popular cookbook, “The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen” written by my dear friend and professional chef extraordinnaire, Levana Kirschenbaum, to give away.  Here’s how you can win it in time for Pesach!  This cookbook is chock full of gluten-free & Passover-friendly recipes.

Go ahead and ‘like‘ The Kosher Shopaholic &/or Levana’s Facebook pages, and/or subscribe to The Kosher Shopaholic or Levana Cooks emails using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Each of these actions gets you an additional entry to win this awesome cookbook.
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Free Box Of Gluten-Free Mazto: Coupon Code

Yehuda makes a brand of Gluten Free Matzo-Style Squares that are Kosher for Passover, imported from Israel and a proud sponsor of the Celiac Disease Foundation.  Their  matzo are made from all-natural ingredients: tapioca starch, water, potato starch, potato flour, pressed palm oil, natural vinegar, egg yolks, honey, and salt and is certified by the Gluten Free Certification Organization.  For a full review of these Matzos see My Most Favorite Passover Products post here.

For your FREE box of Gluten Free Matzah, use the code GFM979 with your next order from glutenfreematzo.com.


My Favorite Passover Products

The Jewish holiday of Passover is soon upon us.  It begins at sundown on Friday, April 6, 2012 and ends at sundown on April 14, 2012.   If you are like most Jewish women and men, you are probably finding yourself extra busy with all the preparations.  This year, instead of getting frantic over the 2 year old dancing in your living room with her fist full of cheerios, how about some retail therapy to calm your nerves!  It always works for me.  After all, we are supposed to save our best cookary & dishes to bring out and use only on Pesach to help us enhance our joy and pleasure during our yomtov days.  This works for me –  as Passover approaches I find myself getting excited over finally being able to use my gorgeous silver fine bone china!  For your sanity, I’ve compiled a list of some of my most favorite Passover products.  I hope they help to enhance your pleasure this Passover season.

For The Host & Hostess

Seder Plates – This link here features a beautiful selection of ceramic, glass, and silver Judaica seder plates to adorn your Passover table.  You can never have too many of these seder plates as it is customary for every family at the table have one of their own.

Artscroll Family Haggadah &  Artscroll Children’s Haggadah.  Does anyone still use those old Maxwell House Hagaddahs?  I remember them from when I was a child when Artscroll wasn’t yet around.  The Artscroll Family Haggadah will help guide anyone from non-observant to ultra-orthodox through the Passover seder – with educational, accurate and interesting tidbits.  I particularly enjoy the pictures in the Children’s Haggadah, as much as my children do.  They really help bring your seder to life.  Get these for your seder, for your guests, for your children &/or for your hosts.  Its probably the most useful & enlightening gift around.

Passover Cookbooks .  This years newest Passover cookbooks are Dining In On Pesach and The No Potato Passover: A Journey of Food, Travel and Color
which have received rave reviews.

You can also enjoy classic favorite Passover cookbooks such as Susie Fishbein’s Passover By Design, and Levana’s newest Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen is chockfull of Passover recipes as are all of Norene Gilletz’s cookbooks.

You should also check out these brand new Passover eBooks:The Rebbetzin Cooks: 40 Recipes for Passover and Beyond for only 99cents from Amazon and The Kosher Celiac’s Passover Cookbook – Over 75 Recipes for only $4.95!

For the Kitchen

Rachel Ray cookwear (I bought these!).  Treat yourself to a new set of Stainless Steel Pots & Pans drastically reduced from $285 to only $99 – they’ll really enhance your Passover recipes.

Fine bone china.  I’ll bet you never thought of buying your Lenox or Waterford Crystal Bone China at 50% off from Amazon.  Buy you can!  Just take a look at these gorgeous china sets at over 50% savings!

 For Kids

Here are some great toys & games that you can order just in time for Passover.  They can help bring to life your seder, make great yontif & chol ha moed games or the perfect afikoman present.

Sammy Spider’s First Passover.  This adorable children’s book featured beautiful artwork in the same style as an Eric Carle book, weaving a beautiful tale of passover.  We received one of these books as a gift a few years ago & I love to use it to introduce the Passover season to the little ones.

Shalom Sesame, 2010, No. 7: It’s Passover, Grover!.  Who doesn’t love the classic Sesame Street characters?  This DVD is sure to keep the little ones busy while you do those last minute cooking preparations.

Passover Bag of Plagues.  What’s a seder without one of these little bag of tricks?  This inexpensive bag of plagues brings the seder to life & helps keep everyone alert as you act out each of the makkos!  Set your table with a bag for each guest to keep everyone engaged all night long! Or, better yet, make a home-made bag of plagues with your kids!

Passover Box of Questions.  This game is from Melissa & Doug’s newest collection of toys.

Passover Flip Frogs Set of 12.  This particular bag of plastic frogs are only $2 – so have some fun & throw them all over the table and house when the plague sets in!

KidKraft Passover Set.  Role play is little ones favorite past-time.  Let them have fun setting thier own toy passover table complete with everything they need for a mock seder.  Grown ups have been caught playing with this set from time to time.

Passover “Ten Plagues” Finger Puppets Judaica.  These little finger puppets offer a creative and animated way to tell the story of our exodus from Egypt.

Chametz – The Search is On!Here’s a fun detective like board game for the older children of the house.

Specialty Foods

Gluten-Free Matzos.  Sharon Mattan wrote a great review of  Yehuda’s Gluten Free matzoh for The Kosher Scoop  – check it out!  She says, “I have to admit I was a little nervous about the matzoh.  How would it compare to the cardboard type gluten-filled matzoh that we are all used to?  After tasting it I have to admit that I could eat a box of the Yehuda Gluten Free Matzoh-Style Squares in one sitting.  The “matzoh” is potato based so it has a potato-crisp, slightly salty flavor.  I really had to stop myself – I needed some for the recipes!! ”





The popular restaurant, My Most Favorite Food turns itself magically Kosher for Passover in order to serve their customers Kosher For Passover meals desserts and delicacies.  Take a look at their awesome Passover take-out menu here & make sure you treat yourself and your family to a meal out during chol ha moed!

Matzel Toff!  If you haven’t yet heard about the newest fun dessert snack product to hit the shelves for Pesach, check it out & buy some now!  Your kids will love this toffee, chocolate matzoh dessert just like the one grandma used to make from scratch.  If you buy 4 boxes, you get the fifth free! 

Lets not forget that all Jewish holidays are a time to give back to others in the community.  Yad Eliezer’s annual Passover campaign provides a literal ‘Chicken in Every Pot’ for any Jewish family that needs it.  You can donate to Yad Eliezer’s Chicken in a Pot campaign here or to any charity organization or your choice and help fight poverty.


If you would like more educational resources to enhance your seder & holiday, Aish, NJOP and Chabad websites are great places to find information and learn.

Saving the most important for last, don’t forget that you can also download a free app from the Orthodox Union to help you find Kosher for Passover food products as well as find a list of all things Passover from the OU Virtual Passover Guide, 2012/5772, here.

Wishing all my Kosher Shopaholic readers a Chag Kasher V’Sameach – a happy & healthy holiday!




**HOT** Rachel Ray Stainless Steel Cookwear For Only $99

Grab this deal from Amazon fast before its gone – a full set of stainless steel pots & pans by Rachel Ray Cookwear in orange for only $99.00!

If you need a good set of pots for Passover, these will be perfect!  I don’t think I can resist – my pots for Pesach are all odds & ends, each year I buy something new from the dollar store.  This year I think I”ll splurge on these pots – especially since they are so cheap! I particularly LOVE the orange handles, don’t you?

Click here to check out this gorgeous set of stainless steel cookwear – regularly priced $285 thats a 65% savings!  Who can resist?


A Very Punny Matzel Toff Review

Matzel Toff!

Don’t you just love the pun?  Mazel Tov … Matzel Toff…  get it?  Last week I offered my readers a chance to create their own cute Pesach related pun to win a family sized box of Matzel Toff.  Here are some of the creative puns that came in:

Carrie Rosenbush writes, “What’s a lion’s favorite pesach vegetable? Ma-Roarrrrrr!”

Jen Han writes, “Is everything here co-share? (kosher)”

L.T. Zeen writes, “Where’s the Matzel Toff? Please PASS it OVER!”

Sarah Hurwitz our WINNER writes, “don’t “passover” the toffee dessert i will be serving! :)”

Naomi Elbinger writes, “i wanna be a matzo man

Jessica Kobrin Bernstein writes, “What do you call someone who likes to eat matza? A matzochist

Matzel Toff! has another great deal for you!  From now until the end of the Passover holiday – April, 14, 2012 when you buy 4 boxes of MatzelToff mouth-watering toffee chocolate Kosher-for-Passover treats, you get a fifth FREE! 

What is MatzelToff?

Its the matzah make-over you’ve been waiting for – using only the finest ingredients to enrobe Streit’s matzah in mouth-watering toffee and rich chocolate.  This delectable gourmet treat has won the hearts – and taste buds! – of everyone who has indulged in its scrumptious flavor, including Joan Hamburg, Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray, who’ve highlighted Matzel Toff! as a Passover favorite.

Certified Kof-K Kosher and kosher for Passover, Parve Dark Chocolate Matzel Toff, or milk chocolate variety makes the perfect Seder host/hostess gift, ideal family treat, present for a friend, or anytime indulgence for yourself – keep a stash to munch on to make the eight day chametz-free holiday a bit more bearable.  Great year round as well!

Click here to try it – you’ll be glad you did!



Manischewitz Matzah Factory Tour: A Photo Journal

I was invited to go on a private media tour of the Manischewitz Matzah factory in Newark, New Jersey.  They are at the end of their Shmura Matzoh run for the Passover season, 2012, and allowed us in to watch as they made the last few batches (or few thousand boxes) of shmura matzoh.  Next week, when most of us Jews are turning our kitchens over to ready-for-Passover dishes and utensils, the Manischewitz factory will already be turning thier Kosher-for-Passover factory back to year-round, non-passover status (not to worry, they shut down the entire week of Passover)!

With my handy iPhone 4, I was able to take some magnificent pictures and videos of the matzoh making process in their new state-of-the-art facility.  I’ve compiled them into a photo-journal for your enjoyment.




Popular Passover Recipes From Susie Fishbein’s Passover by Design

Here are two popular recipes from Susie Fishbein’s Passover by Design cookbook: Wild Mushroom Veloute Soup & Smoked Turkey Mango Salad.  Mushrooms, mango & turkey are all-time favorites in my house – I may not wait till Passover to try these recipes out.

The Passover By Design cookbook also happens to be on sale right now on Amazon for $19.73, regularly $29.99Grab it – don’t you deserve a treat before Pesach!

Wild Mushroom Velouté  Soup

Meat, Dairy, or Parve • Makes 8 servings • non-gebrokts

A velouté is a thickened soup, similar to a bisque. It is quick-cooking and so simple to prepare. In some markets, the wild mushrooms are packaged together. You can just buy 18-20 ounces total of the assorted packages.

Heat oil in medium pot over medium heat. Add the mushrooms and sauté until tender, about 4 minutes.  Add the garlic and onion.  Cook for 4–5 minutes. Sprinkle in the thyme. Add the margarine or butter and melt. Slowly sprinkle in the potato starch. The mixture will form a sticky paste called roux. Slowly add the stock and simmer; whisk well, scraping the bottom. Cook, uncovered, for 20 minutes to cook out the starchy taste.


2 tablespoons olive oil

1       cup (about 4 ounces) sliced shiitake mushrooms, stems discarded

2       cups (6-7 ounces) sliced oyster mushrooms

2 cups (6-7 ounces) sliced crimini mushrooms

2 cloves fresh garlic, chopped

1       small onion, cut into

1⁄4-inch dice

1⁄8 teaspoon dried thyme

1⁄2 cup (1 stick) margarine or butter

1⁄4 cup potato starch

7       cups chicken or vegetable broth, warm

1⁄8 teaspoon fine sea salt

1⁄8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

Season with salt and pepper.

Smoked   Turkey   - Mango Salad

meat • Makes 6 servings • non-gebrokts

16   ounces smoked processed turkey, 1-inch thick chunk, not sliced

1⁄2    ripe mango, peeled and cut into 1/2-inch cubes


juice of lime

3    tablespoons mayonnaise

4    tablespoons apricot preserves

1⁄4    teaspoon fine sea salt

1⁄4    teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

1⁄2    cup roasted cashews, chopped

1    tablespoon fresh minced cilantro leaves

1    scallion, thinly sliced on the diagonal

2⁄3    cup baby arugula leaves


2-3  fresh plums, halved, pitted and thinly sliced

4-5  fresh or canned apricots, halved, pitted and thinly sliced

6    scallion brushes

Cut the turkey into 1⁄2-inch lengthwise slices. Stack the slices and cut into 1⁄2-inch cubes. Place into large mixing bowl. Add the mango.

Dressing: Place the lime juice, mayonnaise, and apricot preserves into a quart-sized container or bowl. Using a whisk or immersion blender, mix to form a smooth dressing.

Toss the turkey and mango with the dressing. Season with salt and pepper. Add the cashews, cilantro, and scallion. Toss to combine.  Mix in the arugula leaves.

Garnish: Arrange 6 plum and 6 apricot slices in an alternating overlapping design on each plate. Place a mound of turkey salad in the center of each plate. Garnish with a scallion brush.

Copywrite Susie Fishbein.