January 20, 2018

The Best Kosher Recipes: Online and in Print

Where To Find The Best Kosher Recipes

The Kosher food industry has experienced an explosion over the last decade.  There are not only a multitude of new Kosher ingredients that we can use in our Kosher culinary creations today, but also thousands of Kosher recipe resources at our fingertips.   Many of which are FREE!

The explosion in Kosher food products and ingredients has been complimented by the creation of hundreds of new Kosher cooking websites, cookbooks and even magazines.  I’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular Kosher cooking resources.  These Kosher recipe resources will come in handy for any of your preparations for all Jewish occasionsShabbat, Rosh Hashana, Sukkot, Passover, Shavuot and more.


There are a plethora of Kosher cookbooks in print today.  Here are some of the most popular ones, any of which are sure to provide you with excellent Kosher recipes.

Classics like Levana’s Table: Kosher Cooking for Everyone by Levana Kirshenbaum,  Kosher by Design series by Susie Fishbein, Spice and Spirit: The Complete Kosher Jewish Cookbook, The Balabuste’s Choice Kosher Cookbook,  Jeff Nathan’s Family Suppers,  The  Book of Jewish Foodby Claudia Roden, Healthy Helpings by Norene Gilletz, and of course, Gil Mark’s Encyclopedia of Jewish Food and Gatherings.

The groundbreaking Kosher Revolutionby Geila Hocherman, Simply Southern: With a Dash of Kosher Soul by Margolin Hebrew AcademyHip Kosher by Ronnie Fein,  The Kosher Baker by Paula Shoyer, Hannah Kaminsky’s Vegan Desserts , The At Home Gourmet by Sarah Lasry and Adventures in Jewish Cooking by Jeffrey Nathan.

The Quick & Kosher: Meals in Minutes series by Jamie Geller, Jewish Slow Cooker Recipes by Laura Frankel, Persian Food from the Non-persian Bride by Reyna Simnegar, Soup: A Kosher Collection by Pamela Reiss, Kosher Elegance by Efrat Libfroind, The Complete Asian Kosher Cookbook by Shifra Devorah Witt, Quiches, Kugels, and Couscous: My Search for Jewish Cooking in France by Joan Nathan.

And let us not forget the enlightening Challah books: A Taste of Challahby Tamar Ansh and The Secret of Challahby Shira Wiener.

Just click on any of these links to see these cookbooks in more detail and, of course, to buy one or two or three…  They make great Hostess gifts as well!


The last few years have also brought us many new online Kosher cooking websites as well, especially of the ethnic and whole foods variety.  Here’s a listing of some of the most popular of these websites devoted to providing the Jewish consumer with the best of gourmet and everyday Kosher recipes.

All the recipes found on any of these websites are FREE!

LevanaCooks, Gourmania, CulinaryKosher, DinnerinVenice, The Kosher Scene, Koshereye, JoyofKosher, CookKosherKosherfood.About.comGourmetKosherCooking, The Gluten Free Maven, KosherStreet, KosherInspired, KosherPersianFoodThe Jewish Hostess, Israelikitchen, The Kosher Channel, The Jew and the CarrotThe Shiksa.

These websites are all beautiful, interactive and full of a wide variety of amazing free Kosher recipes.


Following the new trend set by Rachel Ray, there are a number of new Kosher gourmet food magazines in print today:  Kosher Inspired, Bits&Bites, Betayavon, and JoyofKosher which can all be purchased at your local Jewish bookstore or market.


While cookbook apps are becoming more and more popular as the app market experiences its rapid growth, Gloria Kobrin and Appsolute Media are the first to bring us our very own Kosher Cookbook App for iPad/iPhone, called Kosher Cookbook.  There is also a Kosher cookbook app after my own Hungarian heart, Going Paprikash by Ofir Vardi available as well.

I hope this list will help enhance your Jewish Holidays, your Yom Tov meals, and your homes. 



KosherFest 2011: The Largest Kosher Food Industry Trade Show, Part 1

KosherFest 2011: The Largest Kosher Food Industry Trade Show, Part 1

I just returned home from a whirlwind day of meeting with some of the top Kosher brands, chefs and personalities in the Kosher Food & Products Industry.  I was at KosherFest 2011, the 26th annual show, which is taking place now on November 8-9, 2011 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ.

Kosherfest is the largest industry tradeshow showcasing kosher food, kosher food equipment, beverages, spirits and liquors.  I want to share with you, my Kosher Shop-a-holic readers some of the amazing Kosher personalities and brands that are being showcased in the show.  Who knew there were so many talented Kosher chefs, cookbooks and brands out there!

I arrived in time for the panel discussion: New Demands of an Ever-Changing Kosher – newest trends in kosher cuisine, cooking, cookbooks, ingredients, restaurants & more and got to greet in person, many for the first time, amazing Kosher personalities like Norene Gilletz of Gourmania, Chef Jeff Nathan , Gil Marks of Encyclopedia of Jewish Food,  Kim Amzallag & Estee Kafra of Kosher Inspired,  Jamie Geller of JoyofKosher, Leah Shapira of CookKosher, Levana Kirshenbaum of LevanaCooks, Susie Fishbein of KosherbyDesign, Alessandra Rosati of DinnerinVenice, Esti Berkowitz of PrimeTimeParenting, , Paula Shoyer of The Kosher Baker, Gloria Kobrin of KosherCookbook.  I also saw Chaim Schmidt of The Kosher Scene, Lois & Roberta of TheKosherEye, Mara from KosheronaBudget  Sarah Lasry from KosherStreet, Farrah Fiddler of MetroImma and Savvima.  Let me know if you were there and I somehow missed your name in this list!

We had a great discussion on how ethnic foods are being introduced to the traditional Jewish palette and how all of the free recipes available on the Internet today are complimented by the amazing Kosher cookbooks, magazines and brands available to the Kosher consumer.  Kosher consumers are living in lucky times.  When else could one taste authentic Jamaican flavored sausages than with products like Jack’s Gourmet?  And how do the chefs, authors and manufacturers know that its even authentic if they’ve never tasted the non-Kosher versions?  They have spies… non-Kosher friends who taste test and judge for them!

Some of the awesome Kosher brands that I got to meet up with today were Manischewtiz, a traditionally Ashkenazi- style food company who is now owned and run by Moroccan Sephardic Jews.  They have brought jarred Moroccan Fish balls to the Shabbat table, which I can’t wait to serve to my kids this coming Shabbos, and are rolling out the first ever HOT Kosher food vending machines to schools, hospitals and airports in the NY area.  Exciting news! Have you entered their annual cooking competition yet for your chance to win $25,000 in Kitchen appliances?

There was also Streits Matzos who are the only original Matzoh Factory still manufacturing in the lower East Side of Manhattan since 1925.  They’re branding their products to be of particular interest to the younger generation through a very creative partnership with MomaDoni, the awesome children’s songwriter and performer.

I was treated to some amazing coffee with non-dairy vanilla creamer by MimiCCreme who also makes a healthy and delicious parve whip cream.  Products that I feel great using because they’re made from healthy nut extracts instead of chemicals. I got more of my caffeine fix from RealBeanz who has introduced to us some amazing bottled iced coffee that competes in flavor and quality with Starbucks Frapuccinos.  They also happen to have a Chalav Yisrael line for all of the Kosher consumers who have been requesting this level of Kashrus.  Natural&Kosher cheeses,  TheGelatoShoppe who has dairy & non-dairy Italian Gelato and Joburg Kosher were some of the other highlights of my day.  There were many more that I hope to cover in more detail in future posts here on The Kosher Shop-a-holic.  So make sure to subscribe here for free email updates and check back often to keep up with and learn more about your favorite Kosher brands.

Tomorrow, Day 2, I hope to visit the top 100 new Kosher products like the award winning Sparkling Ayala’s Herbal Water and I can’t wait to watch the First-Ever LIVE Culinary Competition at Kosherfest.  If you want to be a part of KosherFest 2011 with me, I’ll be sure to share pictures and updates through-out the day on my Facebook page so check back often.

Here are some fascinating KosherFood Statistics published by LUBICOM Marketing, Mintel:

12,250,000 =Number of Kosher Consumers in the US

$12,500,000,000 = Dollar Value of the Market

10,650 = Number of Kosher producing companies and plants

3,000= Number of products Certified in 2010

10% =  Average Annual Growth (Jan 2010)

1,300,000 = Number of Year Round Kosher Jewish Consumers

Here are some pictures of the brands and personalities I encountered today:



Win a Free KosherTurkey from JoyofKosher in time for Thanksgiving

Each day this week you can win a Kosher Empire Turkey from JoyofKosher.

To enter the contest, all you have to do is comment on a Joy of Kosher Thanksgiving recipe post and you will be entered to win.  All turkeys will be delivered in time for Thanksgiving.

To win, comment on any of these posts:

Monday’s post – Cranberry Mustard Sauce
Tuesday’s post -Chive Biscuits
Wednesday’s post -Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallow Topping
Thursday’s post – Pumpkin Pie with Caramel Whipped Cream
Friday’s post -Pumpkin Cookies with White Chocolate Chips and Walnuts

For more contest rules and details visit The Joy of Kosher website.

Want some more Freebies?

Get a Free Kosher Chicken for Thanksgiving from ShopRite

Win a free Tube Dress

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No Nitrate Hotdogs, Organic Kosher Poultry & Meat: KOL Foods $5 off Coupon Code

No Nitrate Hotdogs, Organic Kosher Poultry & Meat: KOL Foods

Hotdogs are a favorite food among the kids in my house but not a favorite of their health-conscious mother.  I cringe at the thought of feeding those pure bodies unhealthy nitrates and nitrites.   Alas, I have found Kosher No Nitrate Hotdogs from KOL Foods!

KOL Foods has Kosher, Organic poultry, meat, fish and hotdogs.  They even carry Kosher, Organic lamb ‘bacon’ strips and organic Wild Alaskan Salmon!  All delivered to your doorstep or through a buying club that you can join from their website.

KOL Foods  Kosher Organic meat, chicken, turkey, & lamb products are all certified:

  • 100% grass-fed, 100% grass-finished and 100% pastured
  • Raised on non-industrial family owned farms and ranches
  • Never confined to pens or lots
  • No hormones added
  • No antibiotics
  • Approved by OU or Star-K. Glatt kosher as is indicated on the butcher’s label on each package.
  • Shechita techniques and “green” certifications.

If you join a buying club you don’t have to pay for shipping.  They have buying clubs in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Boulder, Houston, Los Angeles, Madison, New York Metro area, San Francisco Bay area, Twin Cities, Washington D.C.

Click here to visit the KOL website to learn more about their products and make an order.

Use the referral code: kshop at checkout to get $5 off all orders of $100 or more.

$15 for $30 Worth of Food & Drinks From Ariel’s Englewood: JDeal

Pay $15 for $30 worth of food and drinks from Ariel’s of Englewood

Ariel’s is one of my all-time favorite dairy restaurants in the New York/New Jersey area.  So I was very excited to see this JDeal today!

Ariel’s specializes in affordable, upscale cuisine, served in a casual, friendly atmosphere to create a memorable dining experience for the entire family. The eclectic, chef-driven menu will delight every member of your family.

Specialties range from gourmet pizza to sweet potato tamales to kid-friendly fare, all elegantly prepared and simply delicious and served  in an environment that makes family dining a pleasure. Treat yourself to lunch, or invite your family to dinner – Ariel’s of Englewood is an excellent choice for the best in kosher cuisine.  Some of my favorites are the fresh grilled fish and the whole wheat brick-oven pizzas!

Buy this jdeal and give yourself a good reason to go out to eat.

Expires 01/26/2012. Limited to 5 vouchers per person. Only one voucher per visit per family or table. Must use in one visit; no cash or credit back. Tax not included. Not valid with other offers. VALID FOR DINE IN ONLY (NO TAKE OUT OR DELIVERIES). VALID ONLY MONDAYS THROUGH THURSDAYS (NO WEEKENDS OR HOLIDAYS). Vouchers valid after 24-hours from end of run-date. Reservations must be made in advance. Bring voucher to restaurant location.

Ariel’s of Englewood is located at 18 Engle Street, Englewood, NJ 07631

Bowcraft Amusement Park: Sukkot Spectacular & Coupon

Join the annual Sukkos Spectacular at Bowcraft Amusement Park.  The entire amusement park is available with a Kosher food concession and a Sukkah to eat in on the premises.

An all day bracelet for rides costs $17 and you can print the attached coupon for half off a parent entry ticket Bowcraft is conveniently located near Lakewood, Brooklyn, Monsey, Monroe and Williamsburg.

Here are more Chol HaMoed Sukkos trip ideas.

Save for the Holidays: 10% Off All Food Incld’g Organic, Meat/Poultry, Gluten Free/Allergy Free & More

10% off all your Kosher Food Needs: including organic, grass fed meat/poultry, gluten free/allergy free foods & more

Shopping for the Jewish holidays doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think.  I’ve found a way to help you save money while doing your regular holiday food shopping.

Kosher Advantage offers members up to 10% off on all purchases with participating stores and restaurants. But here’s the best news:  if you sign up for KosherAdvantage with the coupon code: KosherShopaholic, you get your first 3 months absolutely FREENo strings attached.  Just cancel your membership when your 3 month free trial ends.

Some of the most recent online stores that have joined with KosherAdvantage are KOLFoods, AllergyFreeKosher and AviGlatt.

KOLFoods is one of the only online Organic and Kosher meat storesKOL Foods exclusively sources glatt kosher 100% grass-fed beef and lamb, and 100% pastured poultry with no hormones and no antibiotics added. They also carry Wild Sockeye Salmon, No-Nitrate hotdogs, no-nitrate Sausages, duck, turkey and sea salt.  All products are Kosher certified by the OU or StarK.  And with your new free KosherAdvantage membership you get 10% off all orders always! 

You can join one of the KOL Foods city buying clubs near you (free to join) to save on delivery charges or you can have your order shipped directly to your house.  Make sure to enter your members-only KosherAdvantage coupon code before check-out for your 10% discount.

AllergyFreeKosher is another Kosher online specialty store that sells gluten-free, egg-free, peanut-free, soy-free, dairy-free and other common allergy-free foods – all Kosher certified.  Delivery is always free on all orders of $49 or more.  You save 10% when you enter your KosherAdvantage members-only coupon code at checkout.

AviGlatt is an online Kosher Superstore that offers Kosher meats, fish, dairy, groceries and gift baskets.  They deliver everywhere in the US and offer free shipping in New York and on orders over $100.  Save 10% on your order with your free Kosher Advantage coupon code at checkout.

Click here to sign up for KosherAdvantage for your free 3 month trial membership and save 10% on all of these great online stores.  There are many other top restaurants and Kosher stores that are part of the Kosher Advantage savings group.  Click here for the full list of participants.


Online Gifts for the Jewish Holidays (with coupons too!)

Largest Assortment of Online Gifts for the Jewish Holidays – with a coupon!

If you are eating any meals out during the month long Jewish Holiday festivals of Rosh Hashana and Sukkot, you might be in need of some really nice hostess gifts.  Here is an online store where you can find some Kosher holiday gifts for your family, hostess or your home.

KosherLine offers Gourmet Kosher Gift Baskets that delivers locally, in the US, or InternationallyCheck their site for more shipping details.

They have the largest assortment of classy Kosher-certified food gifts that I’ve found online.  They offer the Gift Tower featured here, Fresh Fruit, Fresh Baked Goods, Healthy Choices, Tropical Flowers, Corporate Gifts, Condolence/Shiva Gifts and Judaica gifts.

Use the coupon code: Bella5772 for 10% off on your purchase with KosherLine.com



Free Carvel Lil’ Flying Saucer Ice Cream (& a coupon): Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011

Free Carvel Lil’ Flying Saucer Ice Cream: Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011

This coming Thursday, September 22, 2011 Carvel is having a Customer Appreciation Day and thanking us, their customers, with a FREE LIL’ Flying Saucer Ice Cream Sandwich! 

To get your free ice cream just visit your local Kosher Carvel Ice Cream store.  Limit one per customer.

I’d get there early because if this promotion is anything like the Free Slurpee one, the freebies may run out in my neighborhood!

You can also fly by Carvel’s to pick up their new 18 pack of LIL Flying Saucers for  $9.99 only this Thursday.

Can’t make it on Thursday?  Here’s a coupon for the the LiL Flying Saucers 18 pack at $9.99 valid until 12/31/11 .

To find out if your local Carvel Ice Cream store has Kosher Certification, just give them a call and ask.

To find a Carvel Ice Cream store near you click here.

$5 AMC Movie Tickets with Saveology

$5 for AMC Silver Experience Tickets to the movies ($12 value)

For any of your movie-goers out there, Saveology is offering a great deal!

$5 for AMC Silver Experience Tickets to the movies worth $12.

Just click here to purchase your $5 movie tickets.

Limit 2 per household. Offer must be redeemed within 60 days of purchase. Subject to surcharge for 3D, IMAX®, ETX, alternative content, dine-in theatres, and premium services and locations. Good at any AMC®, AMC Showplace, Loews®, Cineplex Odeon, Magic Johnson, and Star theatres, excluding Canadian theatres. Valid seven days a week. Not valid for Special Engagements — showings of a film during the first two weeks after it’s released.