February 21, 2018

Free Jewish Children’s Books & Music

Free English Jewish Books & CDs

PJ Library offers free Jewish chidren’s books for children ranging in age from 2 months to 8 years old.  The book selections for the PJ Library program are chosen from among the very best of Jewish children’s books and music full of compelling stories and captivating illustrations.  Their music CDs are sometimes tender and moving, sometimes fun and snappy and are all carefully chosen by their expert Book Selection Committee.

Each PJ Library book arrives in in the subscriber’s mailbox with an accompanying printed reading guide. This guide provides information about the Jewish concepts relevant in the book. It also suggests topics for discussion and activities aimed at enhancing family reading experience.

Visit the PJ Library website here to subscribe and begin recieving your FREE Jewish Children’s books today!

Free Hebrew Books For Children

If you have a child between the ages of 3 to 6 years old, you can help improve their Hebrew reading skills by subscribing to Sifriyat Pijama B’America, the Hebrew version of PJ Library.

Sifriyat Pijama B’America IS A HEBREW AND JEWISH FAMILY ENGAGEMENT literacy program implemented throughout the United States. They mail free, high-quality Hebrew Jewish children’s literature and music to families across the continent on a monthly basis.  SP-BA is a program for children ages 3 to 6, aimed at creating connections to Jewish Life and enhancing Jewish and Hebrew education.  ALL THESE BOOKS, MAILED MONTHLY, ARE A GIFT FOR YOUR FAMILY TO KEEP FOREVER!!

To subscribe simply visit their website here and registerEnjoy your free Hebrew Jewish Children’s books & music!


ParentingSimply Master Class Teleconfrence

I recently came across a very impressive blogger, Adina Sokolof who has a blog, ParentingSimply where she writes short parenting tips and inspiration that are based on the writings of some of the best Parenting literature in the field: How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will TalkSiblings Without Rivalry and Raising a Spirited Child.  If you are a parent and haven’t read these parenting books already, I highly recommend them – they will make a great addition to your reading library and change your life for the better.  You can find them on Amazon here.

Since I know that most of my readers are moms, just like me, with kids of varying ages at home I figured you would benefit from and enjoy Adina’s work as much as I do.  She is offering an online Master Parenting Seminar this summer based on the philosophies of the above books.  While the seminar should serve to improve your parenting skills, professionals can also use it towards 4 CEU credits from the State of Ohio, Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage & Family Therapist Board.

For more information about this summer parenting seminar and to sign up, click here

Here’s what Adina has to say about the seminar and her work:

“Parents come up to me a lot and say, I go to parenting classes and I read the books. I start using the skill I have accumulated but then I slide. In the heat of the moment I say things I don’t want to say, I parent the way I don’t want to parent.

The same thing has happened to me. I don’t always parent perfectly. I have my good and bad days. Just ask my kids,
my husband and the lady in CVS who heard me becoming exasperated with my daughter.

The one thing that truly helps me is to keep my skills fresh. I keep on going to classes and I review what I already
know and I always try to learn new skills. I like to explore new parenting philosophies and see if any one of they speaks to you.

That is the uniqueness of ParentingSimply.com. We want to give parents the skills they need to parent effectively. We don’t stop there. Every person needs to parent according to what works best for them, their personality and their kid’s temperament. We want to help you explore different ways and learn new techniques to help you be the best parent you can be. ”

Here’s that link  again to help you sign up for the teleconference right now.

Free Children’s Books at Barnes & Noble & Pottery Barn Kids

If you have a child under the age of 10 who loves books – good news! – Barnes & Noble and Pottery Barn Kids are offering free books for children under the age of 10 years old this summer.   To participate, complete required summer reading lists below and then turn the list in for a free book.

Barnes & Noble:  To get a free book from Barnes&Noble your child has to read any 8 books this summer and write them into a reading journal.  You can download the Barnes & Noble Reading Journal here.  When your child completes the journal, bring it to any B&N store by September 4 and select one free book  from the list of freebies provided in the journal.

Pottery Barn Kids: Join the PBK Summer Reading Challenge! Summer is the perfect time to instill a love of reading in your child. From now through August 22nd, read all the award-winning books on one of Pottery Barn recommended lists and qualify for fun prizes.  Books include classics like “Stone Soup,” “Strega Nona,” and “One Morning in Maine,” as well as great early reader books like “Alligator Alphabet” and “Ten Tiny Babies.”   Download and complete this form and bring it to a Pottery Barn Kids store by August 31 to get a free book.

You can also enter to win a backpack full of books from Pottery Barn Kids here once your children have completed the book challenge.

Help your kids develop a life long love of reading by entering these wonderful programs that get them reading and winning!

Hello Kitty Girls Bathingsuits Only $15

Hello Kitty Girls Bathingsuits Only $15

My little 4 year old daughter is going through a huge Hello Kitty faze right now – especially requesting Hello Kitty bathingsuits.  So I was really excited to find this awesome deal – Girls Hello Kitty Swim Suits for only $15 on Totsy!  Plus, if you use coupon code VIPMOM at checkout you’ll get $15 off your order of $60 or more! That total can include anything across the Totsy site.

Visit Totsy now & grab some of these Hello Kitty brand bathingsuits, flip-flops, sundresses for a steal!

What To Do For Chol HaMoed

Pesach is a great time to enjoy with family and friends and to get out of the house and take part in the many wonderful activities available from New York to Israel.  Here is a list of some free or low cost activities that can make your Passover a tremendous success!

New York Area

For those with little ones, here’s a list of the Uncle Moishy Concerts this week.  They’ll be at the Atrium in Monsey first day Chol HaMoed and then Brooklyn, Lakewood & Far Rockaway.

NCSY is hosting their annual Six Flags Great Adventure days on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday – the park is rented out and there should be Kosher food available to purchase.  Tuesday at 3:00pm there will be an additional NY Boys Choir concert at the park.

If you are in the NY area, take advantage of the gorgeous weather and take a FREE ferry to Governor’s Island, Ikea or Staten Island, go bike riding, shopping and have a picnic.

JDeal has some great deals right now including discounted tickets for a NY Sky Ride, NY Science Museaum, and bike rentals near Central Park.

While in Manhattan, take advantage of the newly Kosher for Pesach kitchen at My Most Favorite Food and treat you family to lunch or dinner out!


If you are fortunate enough to be in Israel for Pesach, here is a list of some wonderful FREE  and low cost activities all around Israel for Chol HaMoed including free museums, concerts & kids activities.

Outside of Israel & New York?  Please share with us in the comments section some of your great Chol HaMoed activities.

Wishing you a Chag Sameach!

A Pesach Message On Child Safety From Project YES

Here’s a message from Project Yes that I recieved in my email that I wanted to share with you.  Child safety and personal space is such an important topic.  Please take the time to educate yourself and your children and have a happy, healthy a safe yontif.

Please Speak to Your Kids About Safety and Personal Space Today!

By: Rabbi Yakov Horowitz

We are all busy before Yom Tov, so let’s get right to the point.

If you haven’t done so already, please see to it that you speak to your children about child safety before Pesach, and give them a refresher talk if you already have.

It is literally a matter of life and death that you do so.

Year after year, we get a significant spike in abuse-related calls to Project YES right before, during, and after the Pesach and Succos Yomim Tovim. Why? Because our kids are in a less structured environment at home, in Shul and at play, and are exposed to a wide range of children, teenagers, and adults who they don’t have contact with all year round. If you need convincing — just tally the number of people your kids interact during with during a regular school week, and then do the same for the week of Pesach.

Thankfully, there is now an unprecedented awareness of the importance of child safety in our community and we have come to the painful understanding that our community is not immune to the ravages of abuse and molestation.

But, to be perfectly frank, the average person in the street (that’s probably you) has no idea of how bad things really are. Estimates of the number of frum people convicted of child abuse currently in the criminal justice system in New York State, range from 40 to 90 perpetrators. Depending on whose statistics you read, the average child molester abuses 50-200 children in his lifetime. Mind you, that is in the general population, where adults have a fraction of the access to children, than our community members have.

Taking the two lowball numbers above and doing the simple math reveals that there are 2,000 frum victims of child abuse in NY State alone – and that is only counting victims of predators who were caught, prosecuted, and convicted of the crime. So the real number is, shall we say, much much higher than that.

Untreated abuse victims are far more likely to go on and eventually abuse others, so there will continue to be an exponential rise in the number of children molested, until all our children are educated to help protect themselves, and until all predators are reported to the authorities and locked up.

I plead with you to take this matter seriously and do everything in your power to keep your kids safe. There are two steps you need to take to accomplish this:

1) Have safety talks with your children – using effective, research-based techniques that will educate and empower your children without frightening them.

2) See to it that they are properly supervised over Yom Tov.

There are four basic messages that children need to internalize in order for any abuse prevention program to be truly effective:

Your body belongs to you
No one has the right to make you feel uncomfortable
No secrets from parents
Good touching/bad touching
Please educate yourself before speaking to your children so that your discussions generate light and not heat. Additionally, it is important for you to know – and to share with your children – that although “stranger danger” is a genuine concern, the vast majority of molesters are family members or people well-known to the children.

As Teaneck Police Chief Michael Bruno brilliantly said during a talk he gave on child safety, “We need to train our children to consider the “it” (the inappropriate action being done to them) not the “whom” (regardless of the relationship or stature of the individual who may be doing it).

There are free resources available on our website www.kosherjewishparenting.com,

at the Los Angeles-based Aleinu Safety Kid Program website: http://www.aleinu.net/AleinuChildSafetyInstitute/safetykid.aspx ,

and you can get a free DVD with abuse prevention information by contacting Ohel at http://www.ohelfamily.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=722&Itemid=852

Here are links to two videos Project YES released to educate you, and help you have these discussions with your children:

Video: Speaking to your Kids about Personal Safety

Video: InYiddish – Speaking to your Kids about Personal Safety

Additional information:

The Karasick Child Safety Initiative of Project YES – Links to Safety Resources for Parents


The Karasick Child Safety Initiative of Project YES – Introduction to “Let’s Stay Safe!” by Dr. David Pelcovitz
“Introductory Material to Accompany “Let’s Stay Safe!” – Providing Your Children with the Skills and Tools to Protect Themselves” by Dr. David Pelcovitz


Last summer, we released our child safety picture book in conjunction with ArtScroll, “Let’s Stay Safe!”. You can find it in your local bookstore or order it onlinefrom Project YES at: http://www.rabbihorowitz.com/letsstaysafe/index.html

Thanks for reading these lines, and kindly take a minute to forward this to others – for the only way our children and grandchildren will be safe, is when each and every one of us is well educated about child safety.

Best wishes for a Chag Kosher V’samayach and much Nachas from your family.

Yakov Horowitz

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How To Revitalize Old Yarmulkes

Do your kids’ yarmulkes always get crumpled & ruined?   Are you in need of some new Yarmulkes for the kids for Passover?

Would you like to learn how to revitalize your old worn out tattered yarmulkes?

Watch this video by Abbey creator & designer of Not2Shabbey and learn how to salvage those tattered Yarmulkes to make them look new again.

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How To Talk To Your Child About Personal Safety: Free DVDs & Educational Material From Ohel

Protecting Your Child – Essential Tools For The Most Important Conversation You Can Have With Your Children

Ohel has free educational brochures & DVDs for parents.  The DVD is called, Unwanted Touch by Dr. David Pelcovitz & David Mandel and the brochures are “How To Talk To Your Children About Personal Safety” & “How To Talk To Your Children About Trauma & Tragedy”.  You can order these FREE materials from the Ohel Website here.   These materials were funded by Ohel’s Cherish The Child Initiative.

These materials are FREE & in my opinion as a parent and MSW (social worker), are a must have in every home.  Read and watch these materials, learn how to talk to your children about difficult issues that must be addressed and add a higher level of protection to each child in our communities.

OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services was established in 1969,is to protect and strengthen individuals and families by meeting the diverse social service needs of the community through programs of excellence.  OHEL serves communities in New York City, the surrounding Boroughs, Northern New Jersey, Southern Florida and worldwide on the web. OHEL is driven to constantly supersede all professional and regulatory standards. Leveraging OHEL’s experience and reputation, we seek to proactively identify community social challenges by pioneering new programs that elevate the lives of individuals and families every day.  For more about OHEL Services visit their website here.


$.75 Off Coupon For YoKids Greek Yogurts

The newest kids yogurt by Stonyfied Farms has just begun to hit the store shelves.  I am excited about the new combination of the awesome, thick & creamy Greek yogurt with the organic, healthy, taste & quality Stonyfield farms is known for.   We go through a lot of  yogurt in my house so this coupon will come in very handy.

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They are pure, organic and packed with protein and calcium.  YoKids Greek has a deliciously mild taste kids love.

Amazon’s President’s Day Sale: Coupon Codes For Savings

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