January 20, 2018

Endless Streams of Free Music With Spotify

Have you ever dreamed of an endless music library?  Well, Spotify is making this dream a reality – for FREE!  Spotify is fast becoming the most popular and successful way to listen to all and any music you want from the Spotify App on your tablet, smartphone or computer.

Spotify is a simple and light software application that lets one find and play a terrific range of music instantly.  With Spotify you can play the music you want – from their vast collection of millions of CDs- for free and on demand.  No strings attached.  It also allows you to create your own playlists to always come back to the music you love.  Via Spotify’s Facebook app, you can see what your friends are listening to and discover new music that way too.

Sign up for Spotify for FREE HERE.

Hat tip:  How about signing up the dad in your life for a free Spotify account and give him thousands of new CDs for free this Father’s Day!

Free $5 Gap Gift Cards From ‘Wrapp’ App

I just found for you the BEST new APP called, WRAPP.  It gives you FREE MONEY in the form of top brand gift certificates to give away to your friends. Really?  Really!

Here’s the scoop: Wrapp is a new fun and easy way to give free gift cards from top brands to your friends.  You and your friends need a facebook account to sign up and send/receive the gift cards.  You also need an iPhone or Android to redeem the gift cards.   As soon as you sign up with Wrapp, you get a free $5 Gap Gift Card.  You can then send $5 gift cards to any of your facebook friends from top brand name stores like The Gap, H&M, Sephora, SpaFinder, Fab, bjorn borg, happy socks, $25 for Wayfair or a free month subscription to Wall Street Journal Digital or Weekend.

Sign up for the Wrapp App here!

I’ve been having a blast sending lots of my friends free $5 gift cards – Maybe  some of you will get the hint & send some back to me!!!  ;  )


thx, DailyCheepskate


You need an iPhone or Android to use this gift.  Gift certificates are valid for 30 days so use them at The Gap now!

Kosher Certification Apps {FREE}

Kosher Guides

I just added a new folder to my iPhone which I labelled, Kosher Guides.  In it I have all of the Kosher Certification Apps, which happen to be FREE.  You can download any or all of these apps onto your iPhone or iPad:  cRc Kosher (Chicago Rabinical Council), OU Kosher, OU Passover, OK VegGuideOK Kosher Food Guide.  These apps are available for the iPhone and iPad.

cRc App

In the cRc Kosher App, you can look up products by category -beverages, foods, fruits and vegetables, liquor and even a slurpee section. The cRc Kosher app also has a Recommended Agencies page where they provide the symbol of all Recommended or ‘kosher’ kosher certifications in the US and all around the world.  This is probably one of the best features from all of these free apps since if you are in a store and see a symbol you don’t know, you can just quickly check your iPhone to see if its on their list.  If its on the list you know its an acceptable certification.  I find a lot of products from Trader Joe’s where I don’t recognize the Kosher certification and once I research it, it turns out to be fine.

OU App

The OU Kosher App allows you to search to see if a particular product is Kosher, provides Kosher Alerts on products that have lost certification as well as lists all the newly certified products.  A Website and Kosher Hotline number are also included for additional questions right at your fingertips. I’ve called the OU Kosher Hotline number of times (especially before Passover ) and they are quick to respond and very helpful.  The OU has a separate OU Passover app you can download which is a tremendous help around Pesach time listing all their products that are and are not kosher for passover.

OK Guides

The OK Kosher Food Guide lists all of their certified products and includes an OK Passover guide in it.  The OK Vegetable Guide is a separate app, created to help the Kosher consumer learn the most thorough methods of cleaning and checking vegetables for insect infestation teaching methods that were originally developed for the mashgichim in OK restaurants who wash and check large amounts of produce without compromising Torah standards.  Due to popular demand these guidelines are now available to the Kosher consumer in app form and online at OK.org site.

These are some really helpful apps, from some exceptional companies, especially at Passover time and all FREE!  Download them all now and let me know how you like them!

For more free apps, check out these 16 free fitness & weight-loss apps.

The Complete Bentching CD & Newest Bentching App

The Complete Bentching CD & Newest Bentching App

The Bentching App Lite is now FREE on iTunes.  Scroll down to bottom of page for link to skip the review of this beautiful new app & go strait to the App.

The Bentching CD and The Bentching AppTM is a totally unique and personal way to learn the traditional Jewish “Grace After Meals” prayers & tunes and provides musical enjoyment for the whole family. It is a beautiful musical arrangement of Bentching by professional singer/Chazan Adam Davis offered in either CD or App format.

The Bentching App is the newest creation featuring the same musical arrangement as the CD but for use on your iPad (iPhone app coming soon) and is based on highly acclaimed “Complete Bentching CD”.

The Complete Bentching CD or App is for adults and kids alike, when using the app you can sing along with the apps Hebrew or English transliteration or use a bentching card of your own.  Best of all, it offers beautiful musical arrangement and vocals.   It is truly a pleasure to listen to as its done by professionally trained singer Adam Davis.   The app lets you see the hebrew words as you hear them but you can follow along even if you don’t read Hebrew since it also has english translitteration.

This would make a great gift for young children to help them learn and love traditional bentching tunes.  It is also a really beautiful gift for someone who is new to Bentching or hasn’t mastered Hebrew reading yet (since it has English Transliteration).

Here’s some of the praise for “The Complete Bentching CD”.

“An absolute pleasure to listen to it”
“My Kids and I have literally worn out your CD from listening so much, please send me another copy!”
“My Husband loves your CD and has learned the Bentching!
“Thank you so much , I’m not longer embarrased at family meals and weddings, I can follow and sing along !”  “I used your CD to learn the Bentching and I lead the Bentching at my brothers wedding – thank you so much !”
“Thank you for what you’ve done here for so many families and their Shabbos tables!”

Vocals by Cantor Adam Davis, an Orthodox Chazan in Johannesburg, South Africa. His vocal repertoire spans the Classical, Pop, Contemporary genre. He has recorded 3 CD’s and a host of individual songs by artists such as Josh Groban. Adam Davis has studied under Cantors Nathan Gluck, at Yeshiva University School of Music in New York under Chazan Malovany, with Rabbi-Chazan Benzion Volpo in Johannesburg,with Alexander Izbitser in New York and voice with Eugenie Chopin.

iPad/iPhone App Development: 


Bentching App Lite – Free now in iTunes here.

Special Introductory App Price $1!

GET  the App NOW  on iTunes

Get the CD NOW here.

16 Free Fitness & Weight-loss iPhone Apps

If one of your New Year resolutions involves weight loss, dieting, fitness or a healthier lifestyle, here are 16 free iPhone apps to help you succeed!

Jillian Michael’s Slim Down Solution – Diet, fitness & exercise advice from the country’s leading fitness guru.

Weight Watchers Mobile – the old tried and true weight loss system now gives you free support via the latest recipes, health news, exercise info, and more. The App is compatible with PointsPlus program and works for both the iPhone or the iPad.

Body Fitness Free – This free app is considered the top FREE workout app in the USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Australia.

Lose It – A great all-around free weight loss and fitness app.  I have had this app for about 6 months now but am guilty of not really taking proper advantage of it.  It allows you to set goals and establish a daily calorie budget and then track these goals and make sure you stick to your budget.

Instant Heart Rate – Track your work-out or resting heart rate to make the most of your workouts.

Daily Workouts – A great 10 to 30 minute daily workout routine for men and women that steps you through some of the best exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Fooducate – Selected by the App Store as the BEST Health & Wellness app of 2011 allows you to scan and choose healthy groceries.  Scanning an item allows you to see the true ingrediants in a product:  not 100% whole grain, sugar quantities. food colorings and so much more!  I’ve had this app for at least a year now.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker – Rated the fastest and easiest to use calorie counter.

Abs Workout Free

Daily Yoga Free

Daily Cardio Workouts Free

Yoga Free – 250 poses and classes

Pedometer– A free pedometer.  Remember the days when we had to buy Pedometers and wear them to keep track of our distance!

Is That Gluten-Free?  –  Contains over 23,000 gluten-free products.  Rated the #1 Gluten-Free App.

WebMD – Health Checker, First Aid Information and Local Health Listings.

Daily Burn Tracker – Track your nutrition, workouts and progress.




Black Friday Free Apps & Stats

Black Friday Stats

If anyone is wondering what Black Friday exactly is, I’ve found some interesting research and statistics for you.  For the Free Black Friday 2011 App scroll to the bottom of this post.

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving and is considered the busiest shopping day of the year.  The term “Black Friday” was coined to mark the first day of the year when a retailer had sold enough inventory to turn a profit for the year, putting them “in the black”.   This was when general ledgers and accounting systems were still done by hand and black ink was used to indicate a profit and red ink to indicate a loss.

For shoppers, Black Friday = Sales!  Especially in today’s economy, shoppers are more frugal than ever and are conscious to take advantage of big sales and deals.  You can find these deals online or in-stores.  Shopping for deals on Black Friday has become a post-Thanksgiving custom for many families.  To prepare for this “holiday,” make sure to map out the best routes to your  favorite stores and don’t forget your Black Friday ads, coupons and this Free App below!

Black Friday Stats 2011* 2010 2009 2008 2007
# of Shoppers 225M 212M 195M 172M 147M
$ Per Shopper $385 $365 $343 $372 $347
% of Holiday Retail Sales 10.6% 10% 9.6% 9.5% 8.9%

*predictions; stats are for Thu-Sun on Black Friday weekend; shoppers can be counted more than once; Sources: BIGResearch, NRF, Shoppertrak

Free Black Friday App

You can download a Free Black Friday 2011 App here that will help you plan and map out your shopping & money saving strategies.  The App contains all the Black Friday Ads and Top Deals.  It even has a special Planner section that lets you plan out your day to maximize your shopping and saving strategy.

I’ve also written out a quick 5 step plan to help you save money and time on Black Friday that you can see here.  A lot of stores are offering free products on Black Friday, you can find out more about these freebies here.

If you found this post helpful then make sure to subscribe to The Kosher Shopaholic to get the latest updates on sales and deals, tailored to the Jewish consumers’ needs, emailed to you for free!


Just In Time For Rosh Hashana: Shofar 4 Kidz iPhone App

Released just in time for Rosh Hashana, Shofar 4 Kidz iPhone app!

Shofar 4 Kidz, created by the good people at Valarmabash, is a short and sweet app that introduces young kids to the Rosh Hashana holiday.  Its a really cute app with cartoons, the story of Rosh Hashana told by a father to his children, an explanation of the history of Rosh Hashana and (my kids’ favorite part) has a soundboard that plays all your favorite Shofar Sounds: Tekiah, Shevarim, Teruah, Tekiah gedolah.

Picture little boys playing this sound over and over and over and over again.  They love it!

Better a holy Shofar than Angry Birds, right!

Get your Shofar4Kidz iPhone App for only 99cents now (before Rosh Hashana!)

Parents can feel good about this app since the text (history and story) was written by an actual Rabbi.

The Shofar 4 Kidz app includes:

A Soundboard that plays all your favorite Shofar Sounds!

-Tekiah gedolah

Within the Soundboard, each Horn blast has its own rhyming meanings.

A History of the Shofar written just for children.

A hand-crafted loving and sweet story about a Father who uses rhymes to tell the story of the Shofar.

Interactive High Holidays Dinner Table

Beautiful customized artwork.

IMPORTANT: To hear all of the sounds perfectly be sure to turn the volume up to 11 and turn off the vibrate switch.

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99cent Coke Coupon

$0.99 Coke Coupon

I have been having so much fun with this Coke App all day!

When you send a really cute personalized message to a friend via the Coke Facebook Page, they’ll be able to print a $0.99/1 Coke coupon.

Send a Coke and a Smile!

;  )

Animated Storybooks for iPad & iPhone on sale for $1.99: Dr. Seuss, Berenstain Bears, and more

Ten Dr. Seuss omBooks, The Berenstain Bears, Little Critter, Five Little Monkeys and Smithsonian Collection some for $1.99 each

What a nice way to kick off your back-to-school routine!  Oceanhouse Media digital books is offering a series of omBooks for the iPad and iPhone, on sale for $1.99 from now until September 4, 2011.  A new selection of omBooks will be on sale each week thereafter from popular series such as The Berenstain Bears, Little Critter, Five Little Monkeys and Smithsonian Collection.

Among the Dr. Seuss classics on sale now through September 4 is Oceanhouse Media’s newest release, Oh Say Can You Say?, Dr. Seuss’s ABC, Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat, The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?, There’s a Wocket in My Pocket! and Fox in Socks.

These Dr. Seuss classics are some of the best early reading books for elementary school age kids learning to read.  I know they are my 6 year old’s favorite stories to read to himself!

These great animated interactive storybook apps are also a great way to help bring some laughter and fun into your back-to-school routine!

In addition, each Monday in September, Oceanhouse Media will announce which omBooks will be on sale for that week at www.facebook.com/OceanhouseMedia.

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99cents Sale on Children’s Apps from now till Labor Day

Ruckus Media Group Reduces all Children’s Apps by more than 50%

Ruckus Media Group, the global children’s digital media company is reducing their entire digital library of 15 apps for iPhone, iPad and iTouch to just $0.99 per app!  This deal is valid from now until the Labor Day weekend. The discounted prices offer parents and students the opportunity to enjoy bestselling and award-winning interactive storybooks at savings of more than 50% off the regular price.

Each Ruckus Media app features distinctive interactive elements that allow children of all ages to experience a story through an array of sensory-driven activities. The entire Ruckus Media library of 15 interactive storybooks can be found on The iTunes App Store for $0.99 each until Monday, September 6, 2011.

The Ruckus Media Children’s app library includes:

POCOS BILL Grammy Award winner animated story told by Robin Williams

Goldilocks Award Winner animated story told by Meg Ryan

The Velveteen Rabbit Grammy nominated animated story told by Meryl Streep

The Three Little Pigs animated story told by Holly Hunter

A PRESENT FOR MILO the Parents’ Choice Award and About.com Readers’ Choice Award winner with more than 80 touch-interactive objects that initiate more than 125 animations

SPOT THE DOT (which also has a FREE LITE Version)  a dynamic, eye-popping game and the first app for toddlers

 ANDREW ANSWERS an elementary school app from bestselling author Alan Katz

 RAINFOREST SURVIVAL CHALLENGE, created with the Stepping Stones Museum for Children and the Rainforest Alliance.

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