February 21, 2018

About Me

Hi, I’m Suzannah Raff (often called Shoshana by close friends & family), the founder & creator of the ‘Kosher-a-holic’ brand.  I created my first website, The KosherShopaholic, in order to provide reviews and deals on consumer products that were of particular interest to the Jewish market, meeting the sensitivities and cultural needs of the Orthodox Jew or Jewess.  From here, I developed The KosherWorkaholic, where I provide business coaching and guidance tips, again with the sensitivity and needs of this niche market in mind but relevant to anyone in business or thinking about going into business.

After obtaining my Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University, I then spent over 6 years in graduate school and while I left a PhD program to pursue my personal spiritual goals (I went to Midreshet Rachel College of Jewish Studies for Women), I managed to get both a Master’s degree in Business and a Master’s degree in Social Work.  As a trained therapist and a knowledgeable business woman, my Business Coaching came about quite organically.

For more information about my Business Coaching services please visit my other website at RaffBusiness.com.

I hope you’ll enjoy my product reviews, deals and money saving tips on The KosherShopaholic.

I hope you will also benefit from the business tips & teachings I post on The Kosher Workaholic.

Please email me your marketing, business, management questions and I’ll do my best to answer them either in a personal email back to you or on The Coach’s Couch page of The Kosher Workaholic.  Coach@kosherworkaholic.com

Please visit here for my full Disclosure Policy.