January 21, 2018

Raising A Child With Soul – Review

I recently had the privelege of hearing Rebbetzin Slovie Jungreis -Wolf speak on the topic of parenting and immediately went to Amazon to buy her book, Raising A Child With Soul.  I was so inspired by her talk that I wanted to share this information with you and since Mother’s Day is just around the corner I thought it would be a great idea to get this book as a gift for yourself for this upcoming Mother’s Day (I did).  I can’t think of any better gift.

Here’s a copy of the notes I took while listening to her beautiful talk.

The foundation for raising children:

1-      Attitude of Gratitude:  If I appreciate and cherish what I have been given I become a grateful person and respect  and appreciate the people and things in my life.  Teach our children to say, ‘thank you’. Yes, it is supposed to happen (dinner, soccer, …) but tell your children, ‘you have the responsibility to say, thank you’  even if its supposed to happen.   On the same note, teach our children to appreciate time. Time is not here for wasting. To teach this, we have to show appreciation to each other. Appreciation for what we’ve been given. When we appreciate we begin to act with respect. Stop taking it all forgranted.

2-      Compassion Chesed: Teach children to learn how to feel the pain of others.  This is how you teach children to be great, like Moshe Rabbeinu/Moses, by feeling the pain of others. Great means feeling the pain of others.

3-      Priorities in Parenting: Tell your children how Blessed they are to you. Really spend time with them. Our children just want our time, a listening ear, a listening heart.  Turn off your phone when you are eating with your children, reading a story. Let them know they are your priority, you love them unconditionally.

Here’s the link to Slovie Jungreis – Wolf’s book, Raising A Child With Soul again.  It makes the best Mother’s Day gift for yourself or a friend or mother in your life.


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