February 21, 2018

Rosh Hashana 2013 Recipe Roundup

I want to take this opportunity to wish you, my loyal, wonderful readers a happy, healthy and fruitful New Year. May you all be signed and sealed in the book of life, health and sustenance.  I haven’t had much time to post here in a while but I couldn’t go into the new year without some goodies for you.  I have gathered below links to some of my favorite Rosh Hashana recipes for you to enjoy!

Pomegranate Brisket .  This is my all-time favorite brisket recipe, which is also perfect for Rosh Hashana because of the Pomegranate ingredients. This recipe is from The No Potato Passover cookbook.

Classic Challah and Water Challah.  My favorite challah is the water challah but my family prefers the classic challah version which is really the best challah around.

Here is also my favorite video on how to make a round challah by Couldn’t Be Parve.

Shabbos Chicken. I make this every Friday night and I make sure to use an organic pasture raised chicken so that there are no antibiotics.  This chicken along with chicken soup may be the most nutrients I get into my kids all week so I make it count!

Chicken Soup.  This soup is so rich and delicious we’ve gotten used to eating just the plain broth without any noodles or soup nuts. For yontif I add matzah balls to the soup as a special treat.

Matzah Balls.  I make Norene Gilletz’s matzah ball recipe. In fact, whenever I need a classic recipe, I turn to her classic, The New Food Processor Bible because every recipe under the sun is in it and they are all excellent!

Tomato Dip.  The combination of this dip with challah is absolutely addicting! However, it is full of very healthy raw garlic which is said to be excellent for preventing cancerous tumors.  But make sure to use your mouthwash after enjoying this dip with your challah.  And enjoy it, you will!

Butternut Squash Kugel. This is a much healthier version of the classic kugel from since it calls for coconut milk instead of the parve whip.  You’ll never taste the difference!

Hot Crock Pot Apple Crisp. Perfect to use in that crock pot that will be out all 3 days in preparation for Shabbat. It is also the yummiest dessert.

Meringue Cookies.  These are my children’s favorite cookies. It is also the best way to use up those egg whites from your challah dough ( use the egg yolks to give the tops a brown sheen). It always amazes me how much I can get out of 2 little egg whites.


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