December 16, 2017

Happy Purim 2013

I want to wish all my wonderful Kosher Shopaholic fans a happy, freilichin, healthy and safe Purim!

I would also like to take this opportunity to share with you my newest baby,, a website full of ‘Real Food’ recipes, gluten-free, paleo-inspired, and of course, kosher recipes that are healthy and real.  By real I mean, dishes that are realistic to make and serve to your family yet super healthy and nutritious.  Sign up for the newsletter to get my latest smoothies, main dishes, desserts and sides as well as some unusual cookbook reviews and giveaways.  Come and enter the brave new world of unprocessed food along with me.

What’s on your Purim menu this year?  I have a great purim joke idea if you are hosting the meal at your house.  How about chicken feet for the opening course!? I recently made chicken feet for my husband because it is a delicacy that he loves and to my surprise, it tasted delicious.  Chicken feet are also full of nutrients – they taste a bit like the head of the wing where the soft bone is.  They look like a three fingered hand once they’re cooked and would make a great Purim gag, while also tasting great.  Here’s how I made them: first, I was lucky enough that the kosher chicken feet I purchased came with the skin-off (or else you have to boil them for about 3 minutes, cool and gently peel off the skin) I simply put them in the roasting pan and let them cook along with my famous Shabbos Chicken.  That’s it: simple, nutritious and delish!  Fun for Purim too.

If you’re not as daring to serve chicken feet for your Purim seuda, how about impressing your family and friends with this beautiful Wild Salmon from, full of rich nutrients and flavor.  Also try my gluten-free Real Hamantashen, they are even  better than last year’s Pecan-Filled Hamantashen and much healthier!  Stay posted because grain/flour/gluten-free recipes are perfect for our next holiday, Passover, inching up on us so I’ll have lots of  ‘real’ good recipes coming up soon.

For more purim ideas, take a look at my Purim Shpeal from last year as well as all about Purim!  Wishing you a freilichin, happy & healthy Purim!

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