January 23, 2018

Super-Slip Skirt Extenders

That’s me in my super-slip skirt extender

Just before Passover, Shell Sheli sent me samples of their brand new, exclusive Super-Slip Skirt Extenders to try out.  With the mad rush of Passover, the slips were placed in my closet and all but forgotten about… until a function that I attended last week.  I wanted to wear my newest basic black dress, the dress that should be in every woman’s closet, but noticed that it was a tad too short for my standards.  Instead of the typical cotton hard tail black shell skirt that I usually wear to extend dresses, I decided to try my Super-Slip Skirt Extender from Shell Sheli.  I have to tell you, it looked perfect and I LOVED wearing it!

Super-Slip Skirt Extender

The super-slip skirt extender is made of satiny comfortable slip fabric and was so comfortable to wear and was so easy to move around in, especially when compared to the tight cotton shell skirts I usually wear.  It was very liberating.  It also looked nice, the fabric used in the extension is a dressy fabric and blended well with my black dress.

Shell Sheli is the exclusive maker and retailer of these super-slip skirt extenders.  You can buy them on sale now from Shell Sheli for $25.99.

KikiRiki Layering Dress

Shell Sheli carries a large variety of popular Kiki Riki shells in all sizes, styles and colors for adults and children and the newest, hottest Kiki Riki Layering Dress is also on sale for $43.99 for the 3/4 sleeve and $45.99 for the long sleeve dress.

Visit Shell Sheli for all your shell and skirt extention needs!


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