December 16, 2017

Passover Giveaway # 1: Not2Shabbey Glass Ribbon Bowl (value $55)

As we Jewish women & men are all busy cleaning and preparing both physically & spiritually for the upcoming Passover holiday, which takes place this year at Sundown, April 6, 2012 until sundown April 14, 2012, I figured we’d add some special free gifts to lighten up the process.

Make sure you stay tuned and subscribe here because from now until Passover, 2012 I have a few hundred dollars worth of really beautiful & useful products to give away, thanks to all of my great Kosher sponsors.

So, here’s my Giveaway #1, sponsored by, designer of hand-painted glass-wear and Judaica.  They let me choose my most favorite item from their product selection and so I chose this gorgeous hand painted gold or silver ribbon glass bowl to adorn one of my wonderful readers’ Passover or Shabbat table, worth $55.

To enter the contest you must answer the following question: “what is your most favorite part of Passover“.  Is it the Passover cleaning?  Is it the children singing ‘ma nishtana’ at the seder?  Is it chol ha moed activities?  Is it decorating a gorgeous seder table? I thought such a question can take us away from the stress of cleaning and remind us of the joy Passover and the Yom Tovim really bring us.

Three ways to enter & win:

1 – Submit your answer below here on the comments section of The Kosher Shopaholic website.

2 – Submit your answer on The Kosher Shopaholic Facebook Page, thread provided.

3 – Submit your answer on Not2Shabbey Facebook page, thread provided.

Each place you submit your answer gives you an additional entry into the contest for your chance to win this gorgeous hand-painted gold ribbon glass bowl.

Make sure you visit as well to see her beautiful selection of Passover & year round hand-painted Judaica & tablewear.

Contest ends Monday, March 19, 2012 at midnight.  Winner will be drawn randomly and announced here and on our Facebook pages.


  1. I love seeing my kids bring home their haggados from school and using them enthusiastically to participate in the Seder.

  2. My favorite part of Passover is the first seder. Everyone is so excited to sit down and start the seder. My kids have all of their divrei Torah ready and are ready to answer any question that is asked of them. The signing is beautiful. Seeing everyone sit around the table and enjoy every part of the seder is beautiful.

  3. I love when yomtov finally starts and the whole family sits down to the seder together!

  4. Ami Feinstein says:

    I love that first moment that I sit down at my seder table and feel so accomplished – I did it! I made it! And look how beautiful everything is. It was such an amazing feeling when I made my first Pesach 6 years ago, 9+months pregnant (I was due erev pesach, but gave birth late) and I remember that feeling every year when I’m working hard to get everything on my Pesach to do list done.

    • Suzannah/Shoshana Raff says:

      There’s that old saying, ‘you get out what you put in’ – hard work pays off! Thanks, Ami.

  5. my most favorite part of passover is that i am now celebrating it with my children and husband. i love the extra family time together.

  6. My favorite part of passover is just being together with family and friends…..

  7. My favorite part of Passover is being with family

  8. I love *finally* enjoying my super-clean house, and cooking with my fantastic Pesach tools. I do need a mixer though….

    • Suzannah/Shoshana Raff says:

      I posted earlier on FB about a great price on a food processor for Pesach. Mine actually arrived today. I’ll be on the look-out for more for you, Rivkah!

  9. After a long few weeks of preparations, and a long stretch at the beginning of the Seder, I LOVE the Korech-eating the Hillel sandwich of Matzah, Maror and Charoses! I am always SO HUNGRY by that part that the sandwich tastes AMAZING!

    • Suzannah/Shoshana Raff says:

      Yaffa, thanks for admitting what we all feel – hungry for those crazy sandwiches already!

  10. I like the singing, during the Seder & by hallel & nirtzah. And my favorite part is at my parents house they have a minhag to eat gebrokts only on the last night of pesach, so it’s usually a milchig meal with matzoh brei & preparing it is a lot of fun, replete with memories & traditions.

    • Suzannah/Shoshana Raff says:

      Gitti, you won! Congratulations & enjoy! Happy Passover to all of you. Thanks for making this contest so much fun & sharing such great Passover moments!

  11. sitting down the first sedernight and feeling so accomplished

  12. I actually like the cleaning part, believe it or not. It’s a great way to tidy things up, get rid of things you don’t need and get spring cleaning done all in one shot! But my actual favourite part is seeing my family. I live in another city now so going home for Pesach is special.

  13. Elisheva says:

    I love when everything in the kitchen is covered and cleaned – it feels so special!

  14. My favorite part is passing the mesorah, the chain of the Jewish people to the next generation by sharing pesach with my children.

  15. Rivki Weinhouse says:

    I love the excitement and anticipation of the children for the Seder, showing off their projects, the afikoman, their new clothes- their enthusiasm affects everyone around them :)

  16. Paulette says:

    I love watching my sons’ excitement during the Seders.

  17. Orit Tager says:

    I love the fact that it is still important to my children to come home for the seders – even though they are grown up and living away. It is an important family memory that I I hope to continue to share for many more years.

  18. I so look foward to the family being together and seeing how much more the kids can participate each year in the seder (and the preparations too!)

  19. I love eating the matza!

  20. I love seeing the excitement on my children’s faces at the Seder.

  21. I love the family getting together. My brother’s family and our family try really hard to make Passover happen at my house. As the family is growing, I love seeing all of us at the table remembering past Seders spent together and sharing our memories.

  22. i actually look forward to & enjoy preparing the house/kitchen/food with my husband! :)

  23. My favorite part is having the whole family together! Love seeing all my siblings and nieces and nephews and I love that my kids could play with their cousins!!

  24. I love spending time with my family! I havents seen some of my siblings in a very long time, theres nothing like getting together! I also enjoy cleaning! I love a fresh clean house!

  25. My favorite part of Pesach is making Strawberry Fluff with the whole family.
    Since we only have a hand mixer for Pesach and it requires ten full minutes of beating time, everybody takes a turn holding the mixer.
    It has become a beautiful family ritual.
    See the story and photos here:

  26. Sitting down together at the beautifully set yom tov table full of divrei torah to tell over in a spotless home

  27. stefanie says:

    My favorite thing is looking at all the recipes for things I haven’t made in a year knowing how much my family looks foward to eating them again.

  28. My favorite part of Pesach is watching the many generations around the seder table all sharing the same story and reliving our history. It is a magical time to enjoy after all the preparations are done.

  29. the singing at the seder and spending time with family!

  30. Spending lots of time with family. LOTS of time.

  31. The most wonderful part of Pesach is all the hard work the entire family contributes to preparing for the Yom Tov, We feel connected to each other and Klal Yisroel and are grateful to be here. Next year in Yerushalyim!

  32. I love taking out all my nice Pesach things that I haven’t seen all year and setting the beautiful Seder table…and the Seder itself!

  33. having the family together

  34. Family gathering for the sedar, each taking a part reading the Hagadah and ending the sedar by having a contest who can race to finish singing Chag Gad Yah. As well as a reminder of what it means to reach out for freedom.


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