December 16, 2017

Kosher Certification Apps {FREE}

Kosher Guides

I just added a new folder to my iPhone which I labelled, Kosher Guides.  In it I have all of the Kosher Certification Apps, which happen to be FREE.  You can download any or all of these apps onto your iPhone or iPad:  cRc Kosher (Chicago Rabinical Council), OU Kosher, OU Passover, OK VegGuideOK Kosher Food Guide.  These apps are available for the iPhone and iPad.

cRc App

In the cRc Kosher App, you can look up products by category -beverages, foods, fruits and vegetables, liquor and even a slurpee section. The cRc Kosher app also has a Recommended Agencies page where they provide the symbol of all Recommended or ‘kosher’ kosher certifications in the US and all around the world.  This is probably one of the best features from all of these free apps since if you are in a store and see a symbol you don’t know, you can just quickly check your iPhone to see if its on their list.  If its on the list you know its an acceptable certification.  I find a lot of products from Trader Joe’s where I don’t recognize the Kosher certification and once I research it, it turns out to be fine.

OU App

The OU Kosher App allows you to search to see if a particular product is Kosher, provides Kosher Alerts on products that have lost certification as well as lists all the newly certified products.  A Website and Kosher Hotline number are also included for additional questions right at your fingertips. I’ve called the OU Kosher Hotline number of times (especially before Passover ) and they are quick to respond and very helpful.  The OU has a separate OU Passover app you can download which is a tremendous help around Pesach time listing all their products that are and are not kosher for passover.

OK Guides

The OK Kosher Food Guide lists all of their certified products and includes an OK Passover guide in it.  The OK Vegetable Guide is a separate app, created to help the Kosher consumer learn the most thorough methods of cleaning and checking vegetables for insect infestation teaching methods that were originally developed for the mashgichim in OK restaurants who wash and check large amounts of produce without compromising Torah standards.  Due to popular demand these guidelines are now available to the Kosher consumer in app form and online at site.

These are some really helpful apps, from some exceptional companies, especially at Passover time and all FREE!  Download them all now and let me know how you like them!

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  1. Wow this is amazing! Is there nothing that has no app?? Going to check it out!

  2. Larry Stanley says:

    Cool apps. I’m especially interested in finding Kosher for Passover beverages. One company that I know of here is the Southeast is Syfo Beverages. Their seltzer and lemon-lime sparkling waters are certified Kosher for Passover by the Orthodox Union and are free of sugar, sodium, artificial sweeteners or preservatives, so they’re both healthy and tasty. If you’re outside the Southeast US, I think you can order online at

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