January 21, 2018

Top 10 Kosher Wines of 2011: $10 off Sample Pack

#1 Wine by KosherWine.com voters

Save $10 on a sample pack of the top 10 Kosher wines of 2011

KosherWine.com held a contest for wine lovers to vote for thier favorite wines.  Voters from around the world have cast their votes for the Top 10 Wines of 2011, and the results are in!

Now, you as a Kosher wine lover and consumer, can select from the top wines to grace your Shabbat table, simcha or any other event.

Below you will find this year’s list of top 10 Kosher Wines.  You can also purchase a sample pack of all top 10 bottles and get $10 off the regular sale price.  Isn’t that a great idea?  Sample all of the best wines to find your favorite!

Click here to purchase all 10 bottles as a sampler and get $10 off the regular prices.

Top 10 Kosher Wines of 2011 from KosherWine.com

#1 Odem Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon Volcanic 2009 for $23.99

#2 Bartenura Moscato 2010 for $12.99

#3 Castel Grand Vin 2007 for $59.99

#4 Baron Herzog Jeunesse Cabernet Sauvignon 2010  for $9.99

#5 Le Mourre de L’Isle Cotes du Rhone 2009  for $13.99

#6 Primo-V Moscato on sale for only $6.99 regularly priced $8.99

#7 Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 for $24.99

#8 Galil Mountain Yiron 2007 for $24.99

#9 Segal’s Zmora 2010  for $7.89

#10 Bartenura Rosso Toscano 2010 on sale now for $5.99 regulalry priced $6.99

Click here for more information about any of these wines or to purchase them from Kosherwine.com.





  1. Hi! I would love to purchase this sampler but I can’t find this offer anywhere on the site that you linked to. Can you help me out here?

    Happy New Year!


    • Suzannah/Shoshana Raff says:

      Hi Sharon,
      Just click on the link here and then enter the word, “sampler” in the search box it will come up. Enjoy! Let us know which wine is your favorite!

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