January 21, 2018

Jewish Music for Children

Jewish Music Entertainment for Children

( I originally wrote this review of popular Jewish Children’s music for Sukkot.  But I’m reposting it now because I think any of these would make a great Chanukah gift.  There are links here to where you can get any of these CDs online)

Here is a list of some of the best Jewish music CDs and DVDs to keep your young kids happily entertained while they are at home (and moms are busy cooking) during the Chol Hamoed Sukkot holidays or anytime.

OyBaby :  This is the Jewish version of Baby Einstein.  It is coloful, stimulating and just beautiful to watch.  With gorgeous, soothing music written and played by the Shneiderman sisters it has educational Jewish content, adorable babies and is fun for babies, toddlers and children of all ages.  It is definitely a favorite in my house, especially around the Jewish Holiday season to help get us in the mood.

Of course, the original Baby Einstein DVDs are wonderful for your little ones as well.

Shalom Sesame DVDs: These DVDs are so much fun!  The newest ones, The Sticky Shofar and Monsters in the Sukkah are now on sale on Amazon for $13.49 each.  There is also Learn Hebrew with Grover with a guest appearance by Debra Messing, Shabbat Shalom Grover Starring Cedric the Entertainer and Anneliese Van Der Pol, Mitzvah on the Street with Matisyahu, and Welcome to Israel with Christina Applegate.  Starring, of course, all the famous Sesame Street characters like Grover, Cookie Monster, Ernie & Burt, Zoe and more.

Mama Doni: The newest Smash-Hit Jewish children’s music act, Mama Doni, has recieved rave reviews, The Boston Globe called The Mama Doni Band “A zany musical chicken soup of reggae, rock, disco, Latin, Klezmer, and other styles.” Her music CDs include Shabbat Shaboom! Mama Doni’s Challah Day Celebration For The Whole Family and Chanukah Fever13 Macca-Beats for the Whole Family and I Love Herring And Other Fish Shticks For Kids.  How cute are these titles!?

Rebbetzin Tap: Rebbetzin Tap’s music for young Jewish boys and girls is adored by all.  Its an educational and lively way to entertain your kids and get everyone in the Shabbos and yontif spirit.  She has Jewish Holiday Celebration DVD, Get Ready For Shabbos DVD, and Shabbos & Holiday CD.

Shooby Doob Shloimy: His lyrics, rythmic beat and hip melodies captivate the hearts of Jewish children throughout the world and across religious spectrums.  Children and parents connect to the contemporary feel of the music that span pop, ballad and rap.  The three CDs, Shooby Doob Shloimy, Shabbat with Shooby Doob Shloimy and Pesach with Shooby Doob have recieved international acclaim.

Malkali: We’ve been watching Malkali for years.  She is especially captivating for little girls with her warmth and love of children.

Yeshiva Boys Choir: This is our favorite CD to listen to while driving in the car.  We also bought the YBC DVD which my kids love to watch, sing and dance to.  We also love to see them Live in Concert often with Uncle Moishe during Chol Ha Moed.  I’ll be sure to post where and when they’ll be performing this Chol ha moed Sukkos so check back with me soon.

Uncle Moishe: The all-time favorite and well-known Uncle Moishe music and concerts is beloved by Jewish children from as young as 1 on up.  He has songs about shabbos and yontif, middos and mitzvos and much more.  He also does children’s concerts during the year, especially during Chol Ha Moed so stay tuned to The Kosher Shopaholic for showtimes and locations!


  1. Love this review. We love Reb Tap, and many others you do, but you suggested some great new ones!


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