January 23, 2018

Hanukkah Giveaway: Win A $200 Gift Basket From KosherFest!

Who Wants To Win $200 of Free Kosher Goodies for Chanukah?

For those of you who missed the actual KosherFest, 2011 exhibit and all the free swag from the hundreds of Kosher vendors (see my post about it here),  I have great news.

The wonderful organizers of KosherFest are offering a chance for KosherShopaholic fans & subscribers to win some of the best swag (freebies) of the show.  Enter this contest from now until December 20, 2011 for your chance to win.

Here’s How To Win:

Like The KosherShopaholic Fan page &/or

Subscribe to The KosherShopaholic website &/or

All current Subscribers & Fans are automatically entered in the contest.

You can get additional chances to win by answering the following question in the comments below or on my Facebook page: “What’s your favorite Chanukah Gift?”

The festive holilday of Chanukah is celebrated from December 20, 2011 at sundown until December 28, 2011.  As a Chanukah Gift to you, I’ll be drawing the winner of this beautiful Chankuah Gift basket on the first night of Chanukah, December 20th.  Winners will be announced here on The Kosher Shopaholic as well as on my Facebook page.

Here are the goodies you’ll win in this Chanukah Gift Basket:

  • RiteLite Shulsinger Judaica : Set of Chanukah metal cookie cutters
  • RiteLite Shulsinger Judaica: Set of Chanukah playing cards
  • RiteLIte Shulsinger Judaica: Box of chanukah candles (gorgeous, long, bright colors)
  • JOY OF KOSHER MAGAZINE,  Chanukah edition
  • Sugar-plum  5” chocolate shaped menorah
  • SCHNEIDER”s crispy  fried onions
  • TISHBI cabernet fig preserves
  • Rabbi Mints
  • From KEDEM kosher, assorted dry package foods including soups and cookies
  • Assorted Anderson Intl cheeses
  • DVD SHALOM SESAME – the missing menorah!


  1. chocolate!

  2. My favorite Chanukah gift would be a trip to Miami. Realistically, new age appropriate toys for my kids.

  3. Jessica @peekababy says:

    Books, books and more books!

  4. Like The KosherShopaholic Fan page &/or


  6. :agree love books educational things that they do not look like educational but fill the hours , entertain and they learn from

  7. my favorite gift would be something i wouldnt go buy
    for my kids a new toy or something extra

  8. My favorite Chanuka gift would have to be… a Chanuka gift basket with Kosherfest goodies :)
    This is such a great giveaway!

  9. marion fine says:

    All this Is Wonderful! Enjoy Reading Every Word. Look Forward To My Mornings With Kosher Shopaholic!

  10. FB fan!

  11. My favorite Chanukah gift would be jewelry :)

  12. joann lillien says:

    My favorite gift would be having my whole family together for the holidays!

  13. Fav Chanukah gift? A vacation with my husband!!!!!

  14. Email subscriber!

  15. the beautiful menorahs that my kids make in school!

  16. I liked the page and am a subscriber. My favorite Chanukah gift is a day off! Being able to sleep and take it easy for a change with the help and support of my family.

  17. sushi

  18. My favorite gift – perfectly cooked latkes and hugs from my kids!

  19. I really want to know about that Fig Cabernet Preserves…am officially intrigued…

  20. Rivka Breuer says:

    My favorite chanukah gift is going out to dinner with my family on chanukah.

  21. Shoshana Helmus says:

    My favorite Chanukah gift is that everyone in my family and in K’lal Yisroel will have good health, happiness, friendship and love, success, and a great parnasah!

  22. My favorite Hanukah gift, a modern Sephardic Mediterranean cookbook!!!

  23. my favorite chanukah gift is the extra time i will have with my children when they are off from school. another favorite gift is the joy on their faces when i give them the gifts i have chosen for them.

    • Suzannah/Shoshana Raff says:

      Congratulations, Laura, you won!
      You were randomly chosen from random.org
      Thank you to everyone who entered. I have lots more giveaways up ahead.
      Happy & Health Chanukah to you all!

  24. I would love dining room chairs for Chanukah this year, but I don’t foresee that happening…. A gift basket would be wonderful too!

  25. Some treats for a Chanukah Dance Party!

  26. Anne Selinsky says:

    Having lost all my Hanukkah things after a move anything would be
    a wonderful new favorite gift.
    Wishing you all a very Happy Hanukkah !! Enjoy !

  27. My favorite gift is any new kitchen appliance – i am a foodie geek

  28. Diamonds!!!!

  29. Rhonda Lockery says:

    I,d love the Chanukah Rite Lite candles ,anything bright and colourful that
    simply lights up the room puts a spring in my step

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