December 16, 2017

Where To Find Coupons Without Printing: Coupon Apps

Coupon Apps Without Printing

I can’t tell you how many times I have found myself in a store needing to buy something that I know has a coupon (like toothpaste or toilet paper or juice) and I don’t have the coupon with me.  For as much as I write about saving money when shopping and using coupons, I am not the extreme couponing type who carries a big organized couponing binder around with me wherever I go.  I am much more of a techy and much more comfortable keeping all my information and documents as paperless as possible.  Which, of course, is why I love smartphones and apps so much.

Plenty of manufacturers and retailers offer mobile coupons as a way to help you save money.  These apps allow you to access coupons quickly and without the need to print or cut them out in advance.

Free Coupon Apps


You can find discounts from stores like H&M, Kohl’s and Children’s Place with the free GeoQpons app .  It also shows you deals at local stores in addition to national retailers. The app claims to offer more coupons than any other mobile coupon app around. It also lets you share your favorite deals with your social networks.

Coupon Sherpa

The free Coupon Sherpa app turns your phone into a mobile coupon binder. Coupons for hundreds of stores are available through Coupon Sherpa. To access them you simply browse available coupons and give the scannable image to your cashier.  Some of the savings they offer include a coupon for $10 off your purchaseof $25 or more at JCPenney, 30% off your entire purchase at Abercrombie & Fitch, or 40% off a full-price item at Ann Taylor.

This is another free mobile app that directs you to local deals, sales and, of course, coupons. You can save on everything from diapers to dinner simply by pulling up coupons and showing the screen to your cashier or waiter.

The Wowpons app is built to help you save on your grocery savings. You use the app to scan items as you add them to your cart.  The app will automatically send manufacturer or store coupons for the items that you’ve scanned to your Customer Loyalty Card. The app works with more than 30 major grocery store chains operating roughly 6,000 stores!

Target & Other Large Retail Chains

You can download a free Target smartphone app to get scannable coupons that are sent to you via a text message.  Other large retail chain stores are beginning to offer this free app service more and more each day.  Just check with your favorite stores.

Do you use any of these coupon apps yet?  If so, let us know about your user experience here in the comments section.




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