February 21, 2018

KosherFest 2011: The Largest Kosher Food Industry Trade Show, Part 1

KosherFest 2011: The Largest Kosher Food Industry Trade Show, Part 1

I just returned home from a whirlwind day of meeting with some of the top Kosher brands, chefs and personalities in the Kosher Food & Products Industry.  I was at KosherFest 2011, the 26th annual show, which is taking place now on November 8-9, 2011 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ.

Kosherfest is the largest industry tradeshow showcasing kosher food, kosher food equipment, beverages, spirits and liquors.  I want to share with you, my Kosher Shop-a-holic readers some of the amazing Kosher personalities and brands that are being showcased in the show.  Who knew there were so many talented Kosher chefs, cookbooks and brands out there!

I arrived in time for the panel discussion: New Demands of an Ever-Changing Kosher – newest trends in kosher cuisine, cooking, cookbooks, ingredients, restaurants & more and got to greet in person, many for the first time, amazing Kosher personalities like Norene Gilletz of Gourmania, Chef Jeff Nathan , Gil Marks of Encyclopedia of Jewish Food,  Kim Amzallag & Estee Kafra of Kosher Inspired,  Jamie Geller of JoyofKosher, Leah Shapira of CookKosher, Levana Kirshenbaum of LevanaCooks, Susie Fishbein of KosherbyDesign, Alessandra Rosati of DinnerinVenice, Esti Berkowitz of PrimeTimeParenting, , Paula Shoyer of The Kosher Baker, Gloria Kobrin of KosherCookbook.  I also saw Chaim Schmidt of The Kosher Scene, Lois & Roberta of TheKosherEye, Mara from KosheronaBudget  Sarah Lasry from KosherStreet, Farrah Fiddler of MetroImma and Savvima.  Let me know if you were there and I somehow missed your name in this list!

We had a great discussion on how ethnic foods are being introduced to the traditional Jewish palette and how all of the free recipes available on the Internet today are complimented by the amazing Kosher cookbooks, magazines and brands available to the Kosher consumer.  Kosher consumers are living in lucky times.  When else could one taste authentic Jamaican flavored sausages than with products like Jack’s Gourmet?  And how do the chefs, authors and manufacturers know that its even authentic if they’ve never tasted the non-Kosher versions?  They have spies… non-Kosher friends who taste test and judge for them!

Some of the awesome Kosher brands that I got to meet up with today were Manischewtiz, a traditionally Ashkenazi- style food company who is now owned and run by Moroccan Sephardic Jews.  They have brought jarred Moroccan Fish balls to the Shabbat table, which I can’t wait to serve to my kids this coming Shabbos, and are rolling out the first ever HOT Kosher food vending machines to schools, hospitals and airports in the NY area.  Exciting news! Have you entered their annual cooking competition yet for your chance to win $25,000 in Kitchen appliances?

There was also Streits Matzos who are the only original Matzoh Factory still manufacturing in the lower East Side of Manhattan since 1925.  They’re branding their products to be of particular interest to the younger generation through a very creative partnership with MomaDoni, the awesome children’s songwriter and performer.

I was treated to some amazing coffee with non-dairy vanilla creamer by MimiCCreme who also makes a healthy and delicious parve whip cream.  Products that I feel great using because they’re made from healthy nut extracts instead of chemicals. I got more of my caffeine fix from RealBeanz who has introduced to us some amazing bottled iced coffee that competes in flavor and quality with Starbucks Frapuccinos.  They also happen to have a Chalav Yisrael line for all of the Kosher consumers who have been requesting this level of Kashrus.  Natural&Kosher cheeses,  TheGelatoShoppe who has dairy & non-dairy Italian Gelato and Joburg Kosher were some of the other highlights of my day.  There were many more that I hope to cover in more detail in future posts here on The Kosher Shop-a-holic.  So make sure to subscribe here for free email updates and check back often to keep up with and learn more about your favorite Kosher brands.

Tomorrow, Day 2, I hope to visit the top 100 new Kosher products like the award winning Sparkling Ayala’s Herbal Water and I can’t wait to watch the First-Ever LIVE Culinary Competition at Kosherfest.  If you want to be a part of KosherFest 2011 with me, I’ll be sure to share pictures and updates through-out the day on my Facebook page so check back often.

Here are some fascinating KosherFood Statistics published by LUBICOM Marketing, Mintel:

12,250,000 =Number of Kosher Consumers in the US

$12,500,000,000 = Dollar Value of the Market

10,650 = Number of Kosher producing companies and plants

3,000= Number of products Certified in 2010

10% =  Average Annual Growth (Jan 2010)

1,300,000 = Number of Year Round Kosher Jewish Consumers

Here are some pictures of the brands and personalities I encountered today:




  1. Great post! Now I’m even more excited for Kosherfest today and I am really looking forward to the culinary competition. See you there!

  2. Thanks for finally writing about >KosherFest 2011: The Largest Kosher Food Industry Trade Show, Part 1 <Liked it!


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