January 23, 2018

Shabbat & Yom Tov Make-up with ShainDee Cosmetics: Free Gift with Purchase

Shabbat Make-up from ShaindeeCosmetics: Free Gift with Purchase

ShainDeeCosmetics offers high quality skincare products and make-up for the Jewish woman including a line of make-up that can be applied on Shabbos and yontif.

Get a Free Gift with any purchase of ShainDee Cosmetics online when you enter “KosherShopaholic” in the promotion box at checkout.

The ShainDeeCosmetics line of cosmetics are mineral based, hyper-allergenic, fragrance free and Rabbinically endorsed to be used on Shabbat, Yom Tov and even Passover.  You can click here for more information about the Rabbinical endorsement of ShaindeeCosmetics.

Featured for Fall

Some of the great make-up from the ShainDee Cosmetics line include blushes, concealers, waterproof mascara, long lasting lip liner, Dyeceptions – very long lasting lipstick and lipstick sealer which are all created by ShainDee to be put on just before yontif or Shabbos for their long-lasting smudge resistant design.

Featured for fall and this YomTov season are ShainDee’s 2-3 day long lasting eye liner, eye shadow magnet that keeps the shadow in place, mineral shabbat powders and bronzer that are healthy for your skin, natural, contain spf 22 and are waterproof.  The fall featured colors are browns with navy in the crease and a champagne or pink on the lids.

Some of the great skin care products in the ShainDee Cosmetics line include Gentle and/or Gycolic cleansing washes & Gels, Shabbos Cleanser, Toners, skin recovery masks, a range of collogen and hydrating moisturizers, eye creams and serums, SPF & Vitamin C creams,  and my favorite Hungarian or Rose Water Toners that you can spray on your face on Shabbat or Yontif to moisturize and refresh youself.  She also offers handy beautiful Mikvah Essentials gift bag for only $20.  Visit ShainDee Cosmetics by clicking here to see all of these products and more.

Learn how to apply your make-up

You can also find some  videos on the site where ShainDee shows you how to apply each category of make-up properly.  The make-up and skin care products are broken down on the website into very useful categories of “not for use on Shabbat” or “great for erev-shabbat” and “for use on Shabbat“.  Click here to see some make-up application videos.

To ShainDee, ‘Make-up is confidence in a bottle’.

Click here to buy some high quality Shabbat or erev-Shabbat skin care products and make-up.  Don’t forget to mention “KosherShopaholic” at checkout for your free gift!





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