February 21, 2018

Lancaster, PA: Kosher Vacations & Discount Amusement Park Tickets

Lancaster, PA: Kosher Vacations & Discount Amusement Park Tickets

Lancaster Pennsylvia, otherwise known as Dutch County, USA, is home to the largest Omish population in the US.   It is a great place for Kosher keeping Jewish families to go on vacation because there are many kid friendly amusement parks, farms and activities, located in serene country neighboods, and Kosher food is available.

Activities in the area

Dutch Wonderland is a kid-friendly amusement park full of rides appropriate for younger children.  There is a Kosher meat restaurant inside the the amusement park right near the park entrance where you can get hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, chicken dishes and salads.  They also serve Kosher pizza but that has to be eaten outside the park in the picnic area.

CherryCrest Farms is another fun day of activities with a 5 acre long amazing corn maize maze, hay rides, a full petting zoo and 50 other bouncing, jumping country style rides and activities for children of all ages.  A Kosher Pizza stand run by the same people who run the Kosher Marts in the area can be found in Cherry Crest Farms as well.  This pizza can also be delivered to your hotel for a small fee.

Click here for more information about Kosher Mart food available in the area.

Stratford Railroad is another great activity for the children, they can take a ride on a Thomas train when he’s in town or just take a real old-fashioned train ride through town.

There are also some great children’s museums like the hands-on Museum and you can take any number of tours of Omish farms and horse & buggy rides.

Finally, Hershey Park which is about 45 minutes away from Dutch County, is another well-known amusement park with rides for younger and older kids.  Kosher Mart food stand can again be found right near the entrance of the park.

Discount tickets for Dutch Wonderland and Hershey Park can be purchased from the Kosher food vendors outside the park.  You go to the outside door of the restaurants and they sell you tickets to the park at 15 % off.

Twighlight passes:  When you purchase your tickets after 3pm for the following day, you can use these tickets to visit the park  for free after 3pm the day before the tickets are to be used.



  1. […] Dutch Country, Lancaster Pensylvania is very child friendly and a great place for Kosher keepers during the Sukkot holiday because the three main attractions: Hershey Park, Dutch Wonderland and CherryCrest Farms all house Kosher restaurants with their own Sukkah to eat in.  Click on the links here for more information about these attractions and their Kosher food and coupons. […]

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