January 21, 2018

Three Reasons to “LIKE” my Facebook Page

Here are three really good reasons to head over to my Facebook Page and “LIKE”  The Kosher Shop-a-holic.

1 – You can interact and connect with other ‘like‘-minded Jewish savers and shakers.  Together you can share, learn, and exchange great savings ideas and deals.

2- You may really ‘like’ some of the exclusive deals and savings that will be featured only on my Facebook page.  Because I might be too busy or too late to post a really great freebie or giveaway on this site – I’ll still post it to my page.  So you’ll never miss out on any great deals!

3- I have some great Giveaways coming up soon for some lucky facebook fans.  ‘Like’ my page so you don’t miss out on some exciting product giveaways, exclusive for the Kosher shopper.

You ‘like’?

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