December 16, 2017

Win a Free Electric Viking Mixer

My friend, The Jewish Hostess, in conjunction with Kitchen Caboodles is giving away a brand new electric Viking Mixer.  To enter the contest, all you have to do is click here to get to The Jewish Hostess’ website (this will take you to a page where you enter your name and email address to subscribe to her mailing list) and then ‘comment’ in the comment section of the website about what you would do with your brand new electric Viking Mixer.  I don’t know about you but my current electric mixer is on the brink of falling apart so I would be very happy to win a new one.  The retail value of this Viking mixer is $475! 

The Jewish Hostess can be described as the Jewish, down-to-earth version of a Martha Stewart.  The website provides fun, interactive discussions, recipes, party and table planning ideas for Jewish hostesses all over the world.  Let us know if you win!


  1. What would I do with a Viking mixer? Make more bread! I prefer home-baked bread and have for years. My late wife got me hooked on homemade bread. But then about 10 years ago I had a connundrum, how to enjoy fresh bread without my favorite baker. First I bought and destroyed a bread machine; you know the kind, “set it and forget it!” That was a joke. Sure it was fresh something, but I’m not sure it was bread. Then I dug out my wife’s old challah recipe and proceded to make several batches of braided wallpaper paste. Sorry, I can’t describe it any better than that. Then one day I got a phone call and interrupted in my “bread making.” I rushed off to deal with an emergency, my daughter had a flat tire and she called me(“But Papa, you are only 4 blocks away and triple A cannot get here for an hour, please?”)
    It seems I didn’t understand how long it took to make bread! That flat tire interrupted my bread and allowed it to rise like it was supposed to all along. Success! The best bread I had ever made. Well, now about 7 years later I can honestly call myself a baker! I make about 6 different kinds of bread every week and the folks at Ohr Chadash are very disappointed when I don’t make the challah for Oneg.
    That adventure started out as a bit of a joke on my part. The Challah made by a lady in the congregation was some of the worst I ever had. So when another widower commented that just once he would like really good challah again I took up the challenge. My cinnamon-whole wheat challah became such a hit that it’s expected weekly now. I even got some light hearted grief this year when I didn’t have time to make bread for Shavuot. Sorry ladies, when my sheep are giving birth I have other things on my mind.
    So, what would I do with a Viking mixer? Just what I have been doing now for several years, making bread. And I could sure use a new mixer as my old kitchen-aide (well, my late wife’s actually. I bought it for her birthday one year.) has just about seen its last batch of bread, I usually end up finishing the kneading by hand because I don’t want it to go kaput yet. I really don’t like the idea of kneading all my bread by hand!

    • What a great story, Jeff. Thank you for sharing it with us here. I would love it if you also shared with us your great whole-wheat cinnamon challah recipe! However, the contest requires your to comment on the jewish hostess’ website. I was just telling all my readers about her giveaway. So you will have to go over there and tell them your challah-baking story as well.

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